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Last night I let the girls outside to potty; they've been really good about staying in our (admittedly unfenced) yard and so I thought in my idiocy that I could trust them off leash as long as I stayed in the back yard with them.  Well, they both decided to take different directions.  I managed to corral Maggie and get her inside, then spent the next 2 hours chasing Daisy all over the neighborhood.  She'd let me get within 5 feet or so then take off again.  I lost sight of her at dark.  When Boe came home, we went out looking again.  No dice.

I went to Animal Care and Control to register Daisy as a lost dog, and that's when they gave me the news:  Daisy had been hit by a car and killed last night.

She deserved so much better than this.  She deserved to have someone who loved here there with her when she died.  She deserved to have someone holding her in their arms, to have a painless passing instead of a violent one. 

Our Daisy flower.


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