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Well, Boe is t-minus 13 days from his first paycheck. This is very, very good. We need to get him a vehicle (what is it about he and his daughter that neither wants to take public transportation even when it is clearly the single most logical thing to do?) And he wants a truck. Well we found him a truck; now we just have to wait until he has cash in hand. If you're curious, it's a 1997 Ford F150 extended cab with an automatic transmission and V6 engine because I put my foot down re 8 cyclinders and gas mileage. He's in love with everything except the color" which is dark navy, but since everything else is cool he'll deal with the truck not being a bright primary color. And yes, I can honestly say that his sense of aesthetics was profoundly influenced by Clown College. *sigh*

In other news, I splurged just a tiny bit on a pair of Historic Enterprise's reproduction towels/napkins in the zigzag design. They are SO. PRETTY. I plan a little purchase here and a little purchase there to get our household kit up to snuff. We can manage a little purchase every now and again. So next on the list are a couple of fauldstools, then more table linens, then a trestle table...the list goes on but I am thumb typing :-)

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Somehow, I managed to make it onto the Dean's List for 2 quarters in a row!

5 more to go...

Also, I've had a hankering to try just a weensie bit harder to not look like Exhausta McHaglike.  So I picked up some lip gloss.  I dunno...we'll see. Lord knows since I single-handedly keep Chapstick in business it's just as easy to smear on some lip gloss instead.  Maybe eventually I'll get to the point of wearing makeup again on a regular basis.  I know, I know, it only takes a few minutes, etc., etc.,  I'll look a lot better with makeup on, more self-confidence blah blah blah.  As a fat chick, I feel more secure feeling invisible.  But wanting to feel invisible and yet wishing I wasn't makes for a heavy makeup addiction, even if I never wear the stuff.  One might argue that the makeup addiction is worse for never wearing the stuff.  So like I said, it's easiest to start off with lip gloss and see if I can get the hang of that.

Can you tell I've forgotten to take my crazy pills on a regular basis this week?

Which reminds me...brb, dosing myself.

It's probably bad form to reward myself for taking my antidepressant by scooping myself a large bowl of ice cream, but I haven't had dinner yet and dairy is one of the four food groups or whatever stupid chart the USDA is using these days.  So screw it.

I know part of the problem is what time of year it is:  Pennsic season.  As usual, I won't be going this year, nor will I be able to go next year (since I'll still be in year-round school).  Pennsic 2014 (er, I think that's, what, Pennsic 44? 45?) will be the earliest I will be able to go, which makes me all sorts of sad.  It's hard to explain WHY it makes me so sad, except maybe for this post I made back in the day.  It's just...promises, you know?  And the prospect of meeting some of you on my f-list (assuming I could work up the courage to stop by and say hello -- being just an okay costumer means that some of you all are like rock stars to expect me to get a little starry-eyed and maybe even choke up a little bit if I ever meet you) even if it is intimidating! 

Yes, yes, I know Pennsic will still  be there, but adopting from foster care means there are enormous levels of governmental interference in our lives for an unknown and unpredictable length of time, and I'd like to go to Pennsic before having to negotiate crossing state lines with a foster child, and all the headaches that come with dealing with a bureaucracy.  I'll be 36 in 2014.  And considering my late 30s is (IMO) getting Too Old for first-time motherhood (especially if we are blessed with smaller children), that means we are very limited to how many more years we can put off Pennsic without also hanging up our chances to become parents.

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Item the First:

Took Awesome!Neice to Fox Island for swimming yesterday; the entire family (Awesome!Niece, Boe, Mel, and myself) went and made it an official Day At The Park with a cooler full of lunch stuff.  We all pigged out, swam a lot, pigged out some more, kept slathering ourselves in sunscreen, swam a bit more, and finally called it a day after everyone was tired, sun-pinked, and the worst of the heat had passed.  The breeze didn't even feel like a breeze -- more like opening the door of a blast furnace.  So I was grateful for the swimming and getting to spend time with Awesome!Niece.  She's a total hoot.  Now, this kid is 8.  She sings in a local band.  She plays piano, clarinet, flute, piccolo, and guitar (both my sister and my brother in law are musically talented).  Her local band even cut a CD (Awesome!Niece graciously signed my copy).  Most kids that age, especially if they have exposure to the music industry/entertainment biz, will tell you that they want to be a rock star, actor, etc.  Not Awesome!Niece. 

She wants to be a geneticist.  (Cue "She Blinded Me With Science")

Seriously.  She is deeply interested in DNA, cloning, all that stuff and when I sent her one of those microscope kits that you can get at educational stores a couple of years ago, you would have thought that she had died and gone to heaven.  When I drove her from my mom's house in Columbus OH to my dad's house in New Haven IN (a 3 hour drive), we didn't even bother turning on the radio -- we talked about science the entire drive. Discussed everything from Henrietta Lacks and HeLa cells to CC the cloned kitten and even how tortoiseshell cats can't be cloned to have the same coat pattern.  I love that kid.

After dropping Awesome!Niece off at my dad's, we went home, showered, took naps, and once the temperatures started to drop, had fighter practice in the back yard.  That was lovely...a houseful of friends again, and a couple of people who are interested in joining Adria.  Boe's decided that 2 years is a long enough hiatus to garner enthusiasm again, so once he's working, we'll be rejoining Adria.  I won't be able to participate as much as I'd like because I'm in school, but it's good to Boe enthusiastic again.

Now onto my nursing final for the quarter -- I should wind up with a B in this class.  Not my favorite grade, but the instructor Has Issues.  Oh well.  Won't be my problem after today.

OMG yay!

Jun. 27th, 2012 11:16 am
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Still no word on the teaching job for Boe, but hey, the day is young.

What I'm REALLY excited about is the arrival of a couple of GORGEOUS silk Venetian gowns from the always wonderful [ profile] rvqavalon.  I bought both of them a while ago and life just kept interfering with the gowns' delivery.  Well, they got here yesterday.  I figured the red-burgundy one for Mel and the red-gold one for myself.  (Although with Mel's behavior of late, I'm tempted to keep both for myself out of principle.) 

Both of them fit like a glove.

I am thrilled.  I mean, like, I haven't been this happy about ANYTHING in a long, long time.

SO. MUCH.GORGEOUSNESS. OMG.  Pictures forthcoming.
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It's the last day for me this semester, which is nice.  I just don't have a lot to say.  Rest assured that I do play catch-up with my FL when I have internet opportunities, so I'm not dropping off the face of the planet or anything.  The mental stuff does make it difficult to comment, as I'm rarely comfortable making social overtures (and commenting on LJ posts does qualify to my brain as a social overture) when I'm like this.  However, I do need to be around people.  Good thing that our monthly event is this weekend, right?  :-)

Anyhoo, that's what's going on.
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Boe and I wanted to catch a Rocky Horror production, but we can't seem to find any in the Fort Wayne/Muncie/Indy areas for Saturday.  *sigh* Oh well.  Then some friends mentioned that Midrealm Crown Tourney is in Tipton (a mere hour and fifteen minutes from us) on Saturday and that they were thinking of going, and the wheels started turning.  So we're going to Crown Tourney now and bringing a proto-medievalist (she's interested, but has never been to an event) with us.  Who else is gonna be there, flist?  I 'd really like to meet some of y'all!

After uploading all those photos Tuesday, I was less than pleased with the amount of fullness in the OMGPINK kirtle  skirt.  So now I really just want to drop everything and make another kirtle for this weekend.  Like I don't have enough stuff to keep me busy already...(why yes, I AM procrastinating on making Christmas presents, why is anyone surprised about that at this point?)  And I have to work tomorrow, so I'd have to go from fabric, to drafting, to sewing, to finishing (including lacing holes) AFTER I'd be getting off of work.  Errrrrrrr....I *could* do it, but I also really don't feel like killing myself with stress either.

So I think I'll just make myself some sleeves and a new hood.  The dark green one was a good prototype, but now that I know how to whip them out, I'd like more than just one, you know?
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In lieu of actual content aka positive proof I'm not just blowing smoke about my costuming exploits:
Under here! )

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Greetings and salutations, all 3 readers of my blog!

I know, I know, I haven't posted in something close to 2 weeks, and I have SO MUCH to get out here into the ether...

1. Boe's teaching contract is not being renewed for the next school year. So we're scrambling to find other employment for him -- we're looking at employment ANYWHERE in the US, fair warning. I hope like hell that he's able to find someting in this area, but realistically, Indiana is swamped with teachers and most school corporations within 2 hours of Fort Wayne are laying teachers off due to budget cuts. This is NOT a good time to stamp my feet and place geographic restrictions on where Boe can look for work.

2. Work is going well -- I'm still enjoying the work and the coworkers.

3. I went to my first event in about 5 months not too long ago; I had missed it very much but the drive home was an adventure. I as made Somerset's Arts and Sciences Champion for the year...very touching and quite a compliment!

4. We are slowly losing our youngest boy Fagan. He's been in renal failure for a couple of years now, and he's starting to slow down in a major way. We can't afford heroic measures, so we're focused on comfort measures and giving him as many enjoyable experiences as possible. Yesterday, he took a nap on my lap outside in the sunshine. Poor kitteh, he's such a sweetheart.

5. Boe gets his driver's license back June 8. Can't come soon enough!

6. Dad's retirement from the military (35 years of service) was incredible and deserves a post all on its own (as soon as I have pictures from my stepmom).

7. Two of my rose bushes bit the dust -- one by a rogue mower and one due to frost. Replanting will take place next weekend.
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I'm thinking of changing my Adrian/SCA/random medievalist persona. During the holidays, I came to the conclusion that I was at my happiest, what-clothing-makes-me-feel-pretty-wise, in Flemish. I look a right cow in my Shinrone gown, and Lord in Heaven, there are some fantastic costumers out there who do the whole Elizabethan thing to an intimidating degree (yes yes, I've been costuming for nine years now, you think I'd be over the whole insecurity thing, I'm not, so sue me) so jumping on that bandwagon makes me a mediocre sheeple at best.

The Flemish thing, though, seems to have flared up back in...uh...2004, I think? And kinda dropped off the radar (at least in my neck of the woods) by 2006. And I look Darned. Cute. in it.  Nice cleavage, the suggestion of a waist, practical outfit that just needs pin-on sleeves, a gollar, partlet(s), or other accessories to complete an ensemble.

How does Johanna van Kapelle sound?  If you think it sucks, what are your suggestions? 
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Boe and I, well, our finances suck syphilitic donkey testicles. So we are not able to go to the November event as we were hoping. In all honesty, I'm a bit relieved -- we've been on the OMGADRIA! roller coaster so long that we're both tired and in need of a little bit of catch-up time that Adria has been sucking away. We're still running the December event, no worries there, but between being "on" in Adria since Labor Day, the holidays, school, work (or lack thereof grrrrr....), and, frankly, the points debacle going on with Boe, we're taking a longer hiatus starting in January.

We're tired. Boe is incredibly upset about the points thing (he's been trying to get his points figured out for 3 years now, and just keeps getting the run-around) and feels pretty much that because he's not yelling at anyone or throwing fits, that he's essentially being shit upon. While that may or may not be true, perception is reality, as they say. He is ready to walk away from all of this and focus solely on gaming. I can't say I blame him for feeling the way he does. So it would be better for him to take a breather for a while...for my part, I am simply exhausted. For the past, I'm not sure, maybe six months? A year? the same 8 people have been the last ones to leave after cleaning up at events: Iamys and Louwanna, Wilhelmus and Elisabet, Brient and Isabel, Drew, Arthur, and myself. Out of 32 people.

Newsflash: We're all tired.

And Boe and I are poooooooooor. Like, I'm donating plasma tomorrow to put the money in the gas tank poor.

So Adria can just wait until we have the energy and finances to actually enjoy ourselves, instead of feeling like we're among the default cleanup crew.

ETA: Let me be perfectly clear -- I am deliberately leaving this post unlocked and public to all. if I happen to ruffle some ministerial feathers, oh well. At least SOMETHING will have been done.
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This is the middle of Crazy Season in our Adrian subdivision.  It starts off with Imperial Crown War on Labor Day weekend, then last weekend, we did a 3 day event in Warsaw (at which my linen apron decided to self-immolate), next up is a major public demo at the Huntington County library, then we're running the November Imperial Estates meeting and Coronation, and finally our Feast of St. Nicholas event. 

The 3 day event was significant because we were able to enjoy our new camp bed in complete comfort -- we put a featherbed on top of the air mattress, had 1 wool and 1 wool-and-fake-fur blanket on top of us, and OMG were were blissfully warm and comfortable.

This weekend, we're cleaning out the van and putting up our Halloween decorations. 

I'm really starting to get into the swing of things at school.  Whew. 

Now I'm hungry.  I have my homework for my music appreciation class done, so I'm off to find what sort of munchables there are for me to enjoy on campus.
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And the cable's off again, so my posting ability will be a bit lacking, I'm afraid.  BUSY LIEK WHOA, FOLKS.
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Our household is meeting over at a member's house for some fighter/archery practice.  It is gonna be rather fun, I think.


Aug. 28th, 2009 12:00 pm
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Still waiting for the Financial aid office to verify my FAFSA/tax return.  *sigh* 

In other news, I need to visit my Mom tomorrow -- she had surgery to replace the 2nd knuckles of her index and middle fingers on her right hand due to arthritis.  Due to the recovery, she has been having difficulty getting some cleaning done.  I'll take Mel to meet her too, so they can sit and get to know each other while I work.

Speaking of work, I applied for my substitute teacher's license about 2 weeks ago, so that should be coming in shortly.  that means that I'll start to get calls to sub at various elementary schools MWF.  Whew.

I'm off to Ohio today to finish my camp bed.  All I have to do is cut the slats to fit, and I'll be done in time for War!  Yay for not sleeping on the ground!  Mel will be staying in the cabins with Lydia and others. 

As soon as my financial aid comes in, we're catching up on our bills.  That will be rather nice, not juggling disconnection notices every two weeks.  I also need new jeans.  And some comfy shoes.  And a haircut.  I'm still trying to figure out what sort fo style would look good on my chubby fat face and maybe disguise the second chin a bit.
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Cross posted from my duchy's Yahoo Group:

As many of you are aware, in order to adopt a child, our house needs to be in
tiptop shape. However, between my work schedule, adoption classes, CPR
training, fingerprinting, and having physicals done, this does not leave us a
lot of time for home improvements. While we have the bathroom, kitchen (thank
you Brient and Ysabel!), and living rooms done as they need to be, the real
sticking point is...

The Tornado Room(tm).

This is the infamous front parlor that doubles as a black hole for all of our
Adrian stuff, craft supplies, and miscellanea.

It has lots of goodies, but they need to be excavated. Saturday, May 30, and
Sunday May 31, Sir Arthur and I are hosting a barter barbeque at our home from
11 AM until the cows come home. I hear cows tend to come home at 3 Am, for what
it's worth. If you wish to assist us in excavating the Tornado Room(tm), there
will be gifts. Everything that Sir Arthur and I underuse, no longer use, or
cannot find an immediate use for are up for grabs. This includes garb, jewelry
making supplies, wool roving, garb, fabric, UFOs (UnFinished Objects), garb, and
other goodies.

We will be cleaning out the Tornado Room(tm) and painting, so be prepared by
wearing something you don't mind ruining. We will also supply food, and a fire
around which to sit and relax in the evenings. Beverages suitable for all ages
will be supplied by us, and if you have adult beverages, it's BYOB (bring your
own booze).

Please RSVP here in the comments, or by sending an email to my alternate email
address at kpowell1066 AT yahoo DOT com.

For those on my flist who have no idea where I live,  it is Fort Wayne, IN.  I have one (count 'em, one) extra bedroom to use as crash space.  First come, first served.
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Since I've been here to post. *eek*

So, what's new? The living room is painted! Boe and I spent all weekend on it, and it looks really nice. Muuuuuuch better than before!

Um, nothing really on the garb front, although I am tempted to throw some linen in the washer and dryer to start on sheets for our camp bed. Boe wants to buy a rolling Rubbermaid bin for all his armor (yes, he *does* have an armor box, he wants one with wheels). I told him OK, but it's not going in our tent, it will go directly back to the car after combat. He got all huffy. I tried to explain that if he and I want to get more accurate in our kits, that includes the damned armor box. Besides, the one I made him works just fine and as he improves his kit, there will be less weight to haul around, making his current armor box just fine.

Honestly. *throws hands up in air* He wanted an armor box, I made him an armor box...and now It's Not Good Enough. Hrmph. Sometime, I'd really like to go to a camping event on my own, just to see how accurate I can be without taking Boe into account. Like a straw mattress/no undies/all linen-and-wool clothing/table linens actually made from linen/make [ profile] attack_laurel burst into applause sort of accurate.  My 2 exceptions would be my glasses and my cigarettes (no one wants to see me go through withdrawals, trust me on this one).  I think it would be fun.  *sigh*  Too bad I can't make it to Pennsic this year and hang out in the Enchanted Grounds.  Maybe next year.

Work is going well, I've been taken off of the phones completely and now handle online-only customer service.  It's a sweet gig.  I'm very lucky.  I want to enjoy it until our new corporate overlords decide whether or not my center is staying open.  The anticipated merger is less than 3 months away.  At least in buying our house I know that we will be able to afford the payments on Boe's salary alone.  If I lose my job, I'll do the unemployment-and-school thing.

My sister sold her house, and she found a house in Florida.  *gulp* They finalize the move at the end of the month.  So my niece will be living in Florida for the next several years, until Melanie can convince her husband that Indiana's really the place to be.  I am sad indeed.  My sister and I have been getting on so well since Elena's been around, and Miss Len herself is just *sigh* absolutely adorable.  I don't want them to go!  We (my sibs and I) have an aunt who lives in Florida, and I never really got to know her -- she's been up for visits every 5 years or so, but I don't know her well, nor do I know my cousins.  I don't want to be an aunt like that for Miss Len.  I want her to remember me, and know that I adore her, and have good, clear, solid memories of us together.  Lennie is 5 now, she won't remember me except through anecdotes and pictures.  :-(

I'm trying my hand at container gardening this year (normally, I kill *everything* off), and have started the seeds for lavender, sage, oregano, basil, catnip, thyme, poppies, and pansies.  Oh, and flax.  (I have a future project in mind for the flax, oh yes I do!)  Nothing has sprouted yet, but then again it's only been 2 days.  We'll see how it goes.

On the adoption front, we're still getting everything together for that.  The eleven bajillion questions and forms are a pain, but I understand why they are there, and so it goes. 
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So what have I been up to recently?

Not much.

I just wanted to give a shout out to my best friend berliosxo -- chris attained his knighthood in Ministry on Sunday! Woohoo!

In other news, I am now without a squire. :-P
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With the house in upheaval, getting some time on the computer has been difficult. Here's an update as to what I've been up to for the past week:

House work.
Did a demo at an elementary school for quite a few kids. It went well.
Took Maggie to the groomer today.
More house work.
More work, period.

Did you notice any sewing in there? Me neither. *grump*

I have 20 yards of linen waiting for me, and I can't work on anything while the house is a wreck. *double grump*

Sometime in March I HAVE to get our camp bed made. I want to make some linen sheets and pillowcases to make our personal encampment *that* much better, but I can't justify making the linen bedclothes until said bed is off the damn ground. Does anyone have any links to wooden camp bed that use slats, not rope? Boe's back will not really be rope-bed friendly. I may just buy the thing instead of making it if the price is right.
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I had a lovely long post all written up, and ElJay ate it. Argh.

Synopsis: Maggie was spayed today. The poor girl is curled up on the couch with Boe, getting some well-deserved if subdued snuggles.

The event this weekend was awesome even on zero sleep. House Mortis bartered with Casa de Estilo for my companionship, and I transferred over to belonging to House Mortis. I also have an idea for creating a guild of lady fighters...Les Belles Dames Sans Merci. I have the heraldry designed and everything. :-). Now I just need to put my cunning plan into action. Teehee.

Work Saturday night sucked syphilitic donkey dick. That's all I'm saying about that.

So, yeah, that's about it.
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OMG, I have not been able to brain all weekend.  Good thing I'm not actually voting, huh?  It is interesting to see the various factions that form, dissolve, and re-form according to what is being voted on.  Things that there is a lot of bitterness regarding the outcome of the most recent Crown War, the previous two reigns, and the old guard vs. new guard.

I was able to participate in the Imperial Coronation in my role as Bishop of the See of Somerset and Northeast Metropolitan.  It was the first time that I've ever participated in anything at that level.  It was also....interesting.....from a political standpoint as the clergy (entirely Northeast people) crowned members from both the Southeast and West.  Yeah, there's some backstory there that I would prefer not to get into. 

My squire, [ profile] berliosxo  was inducted into the Imperial Order of the Quill for his work on the online armorial, Dame Elisabet was created a Lady of the Imperial Court, and Sir Wilhelmus was created Baron of the Imperial Court.  I am delighted for all three of them. 

I am so proud of my squire Sebastian!!!!!!!!!!!!11!  Seriously -- I was more excited about that than just about anything else that has happened this weekend.  He totally deserves it and I was tickled pink to inform him this morning.

[ profile] maedb , your Jamie has been the perfect gentleman this weekend.  When I gave him a big ol' smooch yesterday morning, he laughed and walked on grinning. :-)  I made sure I also got some pictures of him at Coronation.

[ profile] marymont , the Yorkist gown is *stunning*.  The colors, that FABRIC!  I had to go up and pet it several times.  I'm sure Dame Katherine thought I was nuts.  

Well, I have to shower and get dressed, so I'm signing off for the moment.

And I still miss my man.


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