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My next brewing project will be cranberry-orange melomel. Just in time for next year's holiday season.

After that, perhaps a quick mead? Cyser? Pyment? I downloaded a metric assload of mead/melomel/metheglin recipes yesterday...and I wanna try them *all!*
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We have electricity and heat. One of our friends moved into the guest bedroom temporarily as his house is all-electric and has no power.

My parents' house, though -- they have no electric, but they do have heat (yay gas furnace!). They lost probably a quarter of their trees in the storm. One of the venerable maples of my youth split down the middle of the trunk and fell -- one half destroying the little Japanese maple by the driveway, the other half took out the lovely lilac bush at the corner of the house. I was especially torn about the lilac -- I loved that bush! In the back yard, things aren't much better; both hawthorn trees snapped, the redbud trees are pretty much destroyed, and the only tree to survive unscathed is the giant fir camouflaging Dad's radio tower. I've advised the folks to come over to my place if the heat quits or they can't stand the lack of electricity. It'll be cozy(!) But at least I wouldn't worry.

Boe and I also bottled my wine today. I may have left it sit a bit long -- it is a good bit drier than I had hoped it would be, and there's some pectin haze, but it's drinkable. And potent -- Boe wound up pretty darned tipsy after siphoning repeatedly. He apparently was unaware that I had used 18% alcohol by volume yeast. Whoops. But there are bottles all around the kitchen now, and finally the fermenter is empty.

Maybe the wine will improve after a few months of aging. Hm, must ponder.
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To the other carboy, which is close to our electric fireplace for some decent warmth. I managed to try somme that was just above the lees of the primary fermenter. There's alcohol there -- I felt flushed from my sampling within about 3 minutes. The downside it that the fruit flavors are very blah. Not bad, but not splendid either. the apple/grape combo washed out the best of both, from the current taste. I added some cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and allspice to see if that livens things up a bit.

TL;DR: my very mellow (to the point of yawning sort of mellow) wine has been racked to the secondary carboy. I spiced it (just a little) to liven it. Now I wait.
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Birthday -- I had one.

And I *still* haven't started on the Venetian. I get to do that today.

In other news, I need to rack the wine from the primary fermenter to the secondary.

That is all.
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24 hours into My First Brewing Adventure, the primary fermenter's airlock is belching fast and furious!

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So 5 gallons of must are happily boiling away on the stove. And I have decided that it will be a mixed apple-and-grape wine. While we got a bejeebers-load of juice from the load of apples we processed, we decided Tammy and David should have the majority of the juice since we were using their equipment. I wanted to avoid using pectin enzymes and yeast nutrient anyway; the grape juice should provide the yeastie-beasties enough nutrients to do their job.

In other news, I had to call the cops on my next-door neighbors this morning. Having loud drunken conversations on the balcony less than ten feet from my bedroom at 4 AM is *not* a way to impress me. I had stuck my head out of the window at 4:00 and again at 4:15 to ask them politely to keep it down. I was met with jeers and insults, so I called in a noise ordinance violation. She went crying to her landlord (who just happens to be a good acquaintance) this morning, and I showed the landlord a copy of the police report. The landlord is not impressed with his tenant and will be educating my neighbor about that little clause in her lease entitled "Hours of Enjoyment of Quiet.". The landlord advised me that if there were 2 more noise ordinance violations by the same tenant, she will be kicked out.

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I'm spending the day at the Doctor farm -- we're pressing apples. I'm taking 5 gallons of the cider and making apfelwein. Champagne yeast, brown sugar, and clean carboys are all on hand and ready to go.

Mmmmmmmmmm. Apfelwein.

I don't know if I should add a small amount of cloves, cinnamon, or allspice. Thoughts?


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