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Somehow, I managed to make it onto the Dean's List for 2 quarters in a row!

5 more to go...

Also, I've had a hankering to try just a weensie bit harder to not look like Exhausta McHaglike.  So I picked up some lip gloss.  I dunno...we'll see. Lord knows since I single-handedly keep Chapstick in business it's just as easy to smear on some lip gloss instead.  Maybe eventually I'll get to the point of wearing makeup again on a regular basis.  I know, I know, it only takes a few minutes, etc., etc.,  I'll look a lot better with makeup on, more self-confidence blah blah blah.  As a fat chick, I feel more secure feeling invisible.  But wanting to feel invisible and yet wishing I wasn't makes for a heavy makeup addiction, even if I never wear the stuff.  One might argue that the makeup addiction is worse for never wearing the stuff.  So like I said, it's easiest to start off with lip gloss and see if I can get the hang of that.

Can you tell I've forgotten to take my crazy pills on a regular basis this week?

Which reminds me...brb, dosing myself.

It's probably bad form to reward myself for taking my antidepressant by scooping myself a large bowl of ice cream, but I haven't had dinner yet and dairy is one of the four food groups or whatever stupid chart the USDA is using these days.  So screw it.

I know part of the problem is what time of year it is:  Pennsic season.  As usual, I won't be going this year, nor will I be able to go next year (since I'll still be in year-round school).  Pennsic 2014 (er, I think that's, what, Pennsic 44? 45?) will be the earliest I will be able to go, which makes me all sorts of sad.  It's hard to explain WHY it makes me so sad, except maybe for this post I made back in the day.  It's just...promises, you know?  And the prospect of meeting some of you on my f-list (assuming I could work up the courage to stop by and say hello -- being just an okay costumer means that some of you all are like rock stars to expect me to get a little starry-eyed and maybe even choke up a little bit if I ever meet you) even if it is intimidating! 

Yes, yes, I know Pennsic will still  be there, but adopting from foster care means there are enormous levels of governmental interference in our lives for an unknown and unpredictable length of time, and I'd like to go to Pennsic before having to negotiate crossing state lines with a foster child, and all the headaches that come with dealing with a bureaucracy.  I'll be 36 in 2014.  And considering my late 30s is (IMO) getting Too Old for first-time motherhood (especially if we are blessed with smaller children), that means we are very limited to how many more years we can put off Pennsic without also hanging up our chances to become parents.


Jul. 6th, 2012 06:57 pm
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Of all the times for the Sewing Muse to strike!  I am holed up in my bedroom with 2 dogs (one of which keeps farting...looking at you, Daisy) and 2 cats (Pretty Pretty Princess is keeping cool by laying in the bathtub).  Handsewing aggravates my carpal tunnel these days, and all of my sewing stuff is downstairs -- in the part of the house without air conditioning.

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Even if the photography is total crap.

Life must be terribly difficult as part of the Powell household:


OMG yay!

Jun. 27th, 2012 11:16 am
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Still no word on the teaching job for Boe, but hey, the day is young.

What I'm REALLY excited about is the arrival of a couple of GORGEOUS silk Venetian gowns from the always wonderful [ profile] rvqavalon.  I bought both of them a while ago and life just kept interfering with the gowns' delivery.  Well, they got here yesterday.  I figured the red-burgundy one for Mel and the red-gold one for myself.  (Although with Mel's behavior of late, I'm tempted to keep both for myself out of principle.) 

Both of them fit like a glove.

I am thrilled.  I mean, like, I haven't been this happy about ANYTHING in a long, long time.

SO. MUCH.GORGEOUSNESS. OMG.  Pictures forthcoming.
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I found my house.  Now I just have to get through school to be able to afford it.

In a fit of antsiness, last night I busted out my embroidery materials for the first time in a couple of years and have started blackworking a shirt collar.  Well, I'm using Aida cloth and kelly green cotton floss, so it's not accurate at all, but it was in my stash, I didn't have any other use for it, and frankly anyone who wants to snark me for it can go hang. 

 In other news, I found out why I haven't seen any mice all winter...I found Princess's stockpile of mummified mousie corpses behind the couch. Eight of them.  *shudder*
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Regency frock is complete.

So is Boe's wizard robe.

So is my bonnet.

Huh.  I guess I'll clean the sewing detrius out of the living room instead of panicking at the last minute as I usually do. 
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Not bad for 6 hours' work.  However, I remember why I HATE crushed panne "velvet":  it stretches every which way and warps all over the place.  UGH.  Why did I pick this fabric, again?  Oh yeah, Boe has a wizard hat in purple velvet and if we can't dress in a coordinating pair, we can at least wear the same color.

That, and it was the nicest-looking cheap velvet-y fabric I could find.
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You know that Halloween costume I wanted to get done by Friday?  The Regency-era frock I wanted to do?  It's done -- buttonholes, finished seams, trim, and all.  I started about 11 am and just finished it.  The sleeves aren't super-incredibly-accurate, but they're flattering and that's the important bit.  I don't think I'm going to get the spencer done, as I have a paisley wrap that will do in a pinch, and if given the option, I'd like to make a really ridiculous bonnet instead.

The colors are dark purple cotton broadcloth, with a purple/lavender/antique gold trim at the sleeve cuffs, waistband, and bottom quarter of the skirt.  I'm sure Bitz will take photos, which I will naturally upload for criticism commentary.  The silhouette of the frock, so far as I can tell, is leaning towards the mid-to-late 1810s, as does the color scheme. If I get around to it, I might add some false flowers to the trim on the skirt in order to highlight the deliberately wavy trim placement like this dress, but I still have a wizard's robe to make for Boe and today was my last full day off before Saturday. 

Oh, and?  I was able to make the frock for about $15.  The fabric is $1.50/yard stuff from WalMart, and the trim is a lovely woven one given to me by [ profile] ciorstan back in the day.  The little bit of lace at the sleeves came frm my stash, as did the buttons.
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Bitz called; my stepsister is having a costume party at her place on the 29th.  Woo!  I was getting worried that we wouldn't be doing much celebrating for Halloween this year and just sticking to handing out candy.  Good to know that we're going to par-tay (at least a little bit) and get our dress-up on!

So.  Naturally, this requires a costume.  And will my medievaloid stuff do?  Of course not!

So I am making a Regency frock (I'm thinking drop-front) with elbow-length sleeves, and if I have time, I'd like to knock out a spencer as well, since it's late October in Indiana and has been raining for a solid week with temps no higher than about 55 degrees.  I already have the underpinnings made, so literally one day's solid worth of work should be enough to get this outfit knocked out.  Bwahahahahaha!

Boe is going to wear his 16th century Irish stuff.  He's easy to dress.  :-)


Oct. 12th, 2011 12:10 am
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Ok, I must hormonal or something, because my brain is all "BABIES!!!!!!"


In other news, I have the sudden urge to make a rockin' circuspunk outfit based on several circus advertisements I saw when flipping through one of Boe's circus history books this evening.


Sep. 21st, 2011 07:14 pm
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I have achieved a kirtle.

I'll be darned.

The side-lacing bodice closes completely at the bust but has about 4 total inches of room to close at the waist.  *sigh* This is what happens when one's bust is NOT proportionate to one's weight in general.  (Let me put it this way:  My weight is close to 250, and my bra size is a 44 B.  Yes, B.   I gained over 100 pounds as a result of medication and my cup size did not shift at all.  Quite disappointing, really.)   Anyway, the boning I was concerned about at the bodice's center front is necessary, it turns out -- it provides a nice line and keeps the bust from drooping into a wrinkled mess (the linen stretched a good deal more than I had expected so the pieces turned out to be a bit too big...if it stretches any further, I'll have to take a dart in from the side of the armsceye where my arms and/or overgown cover the seams).  So it all worked out.

The skirt is still obviously splotchy, but hey, it's a kirtle and the overwhelming majority of it will be covered by the overgown, so whatevs.

Now onto the overgown.  I need to dig through my stash to see what's available, although I already found a rather nice rust-colored linen that might work.  If I can find a smaller piece of linen in a color that isn't totally hideous with the rust and the slate blue, that'll be what I use to line the skirt.


Sep. 18th, 2011 01:14 am
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Well, everything on the kirtle looks good...except for the boning right in the CF of the bodice.  Keep in mind, I have the entire doggoned thing done except for hemming and lacing holes.

I think I'm going to trim down the frnt neckline and re-finish the neckline by binding it with ribbon.
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Because I just stabbed myself in the hand with a needle and bled on a rolled pleat.
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Because I cut the bust and waist about 3 extra inches too small.  But the bodice is mostly done and I'm starting in on the skirt right now.  By the time I hang it up tonight, I should have everything done except hemming and lacing rings.

The linen is so stretchy that the topstitching I've done to keep the lining from rolling has left the top and bottom of the bodice edges all warped and wavy.  But with the whole cutting it 3 inches too small thing, the edges will smooth out once it's on a human being insead of laid flat on a table.

ETA:  1:15 AM.  I have the bodice and skirt constructed and the pleats pinned.  By some miracle, I'll be able to do rolled pleats on the back of the kirtle skirt.  That's an unexpected bonus.  Also, Odin is a nasty cat and the living room reeks.  I think I am going to go outside and have a cigarette in olfactory self-defense.  Then shower and bed.
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I've cut out a generic side-lacing 16th century kirtle.  The fabric I'm using is a linen herringbone with a very subtle silver stripe...It was once very light blue with a very bright silver stripe, but then I attempted to dye the linen a darker blue.  It's now a steel-blue/grayish blue color (Number 930 is the closest on my monitor) and the dye really toned down the silver thread to where it can hardly be seen.  When I dyed it, there were also a couple of weak spots in the linen, which meant I had a couple of fist-sized holes to pattern around.  This is one of the reasons I chose this particular fabric; the other reason is because the dye did not take evenly, so it's pretty splotchy.  I've tried to cut it so that the most even color is on the bodice pieces and the super-splotchy areas are in the skirt.

Here's hoping.
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So to recap:

Random Gamer Guy is gone...but not before stealing a pack of Magic: The Gathering cards Boe had picked up that Friday.  I don't care too much, except Boe is unhappy, and that makes me unhappy.

Boe's temp job is finished up, and now we wait to hear from the agency for another assignment.

I might have tied one on last Friday to celebrate Random Gamer Guy's departure; the hangover served to remind me that I am not as young as I once was, and that my liver hates me.

Boe and I held a little backyard barbecue on Saturday.  Everything was delicious and (as is par the course for me) since I bought too much food, we'll be eating burgers and hot dogs the rest of the week.  But they are delicious, and that's the important part.

My college's financial aid office is screwing around with me, and I don't like it.  My account has been flagged for verification Every. Single. Year. and this year was no exception.  I turned in copies of my tax return on July 18, and my account is STILL "pending, under review."  This means that they have not released my financial aid to the bookstore so I can get my books.  Because school starts in a week, I'm sure all of the used copies of the textbooks have been sold, so I'll either need to rent textbooks (which is what I'm considering) or buy brand new ones.  I am tempted to go to the financial aid office tomorrow and break some heads.

And the only paperwork I'm waiting on to complete my nursing program applications (yes, two:  one for the LPN program and one for the RN program) is my highschool transcripts.  I called my alma mater a week ago Tuesday to request 2 sets of official transcripts.  The said they'd be in the mail that same day.  I should have recieved them by Wednesday.  They are still not here.  I am tempted to go down there and break some heads too.

I am so excited at the prospect of being able to work on sewing projects!
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I've been working, as you can probably guess from my recent posts.  Sadly, this does not live me in a position to be able to do stuff for myself as far as Adria or really any reenactment goes.  Part of it is time, part is the heat in the doggoned house, and a lot of it is having Random Gamer Guy in my house.  How can I be completely myself when there is someone in my home with whom I do not feel comfortable? 

Let me tell you what sewing means in my home.  Generally, I get a wild hair at random, cut out whatever my new project will be, then spend about 12 hours at the sewing machine with my mp3 player plugged into my ears and singing at the top of my lungs.  There may or may not be a certain amount of undress, depending on what I'm working on and how many times I feel the need to measure progress or check fitting issues.  I might take crappy phone pictures to upload to Photobucket, might twirl around and act like a silly little kid playing dress up, but mostly it is just me, headphones in, sitting at the sewing machine, singing my lungs out and cranking out whatever my little heart tells me I need to make. 

The catch is that I am extremely self-conscious about it.  I generally don't even start a project when Boe is in the house -- it's okay if he's home once I'm actually working on whatever the project is, but all the anxieties and insecurities come out to play at the very beginning and it's better if I wrestle with those particular demons on my own.  Once I'm started, I can generally tune the rest of the world out, and it should tell you something that as a smoker, I can forget about nicotine cravings for those 12 hours (unless something is going Horribly, Horribly Wrong).  Naturally, I also forget to eat anything either, but Boe usually cuts me off at about 12 hours at the machine in order to make sure I eat something

But with a relative stranger in my home, in my safe place to be completely and utterly myself?   Well, I'll let you draw your own conclusions.
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Boe has an interview tomorrow at a charter school in Indianapolis.  Naturally, the weather decides to take a poo on us (4-6 inches of snow tonight!), but he has a good car, with good heat and even more importantly, good insurance on it.  Keep your fingers crossed, folks...if we have to move anywhere outside of Fort Wayne, Lord knows Indy's going to be the easiest to deal with from a hassle perspective.  I assume we'll find out very shortly whether or not he gets the job.  Once I know, you'll all know.  :-)

In other news, there isn't a whole lot going on.  I have cut out all of Boe'spatterns, as well asmy own.  I have a shirt about halfway done for him, and it's been so long since I've used a machine on garb, I've totally forgotten how to do a flat fell seam for the underarm gussets on a machine.  I daresay this'll be...interesting.  I have to have to have to cut back on the amount of hand sewing I do, because my right hand goes all numb and tingly about 30 minutes into hand sewing, and even less if I've been on the computer or knitting.  Chances are pretty good that it's carpal tunnel syndrome, so I think with my next paycheck I may spring for a wrist brace or immobilizer to wear while crafting.  The longer I can delay surgery, the better.
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My next completely off day is Thursday, the 17th. In looking at my calendar, the last time I was off of both work and school was Sunday, February 6. Life, as they say, is a box of chocolates...but in my case I seem to have acquired the mixed-nuts variety.

Let me see. Since I last posted, I have had about $8000 slip through my fingers, what with getting Boe a car, insurance, catching up on the utilities and mortgage, sending some money to my mom for safekeeping, paying for CNA classes, and getting new (much-needed!) glasses.

My sole splurge has been purchasing this and this.  They should be the last patterns I'll ever need to buy for SCA/Adria stuff.  So it was a worthwhile investment rather than a momentary pleasure.  I've been reading the instructions and the documentation and dreaming in my few off-hours, and I am really kind of hoping that this is my niche.

Boe's teacher's license will be in within a week.  My sister's giving me leads to jobs for Boe in Tampa Florida, where she lives.  My sister is lonely down there, she can be very shy and the only family down there are her in-laws.  So it would be pretty cool indeed if we wound up moving to Florida. 

Boe did not get the job in Vermont, or so we're assuming since we never heard back from that school.

Time for math class, gotta go.
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So there's a possibility of a steampunk-themed masquerade ball in the upcoming months.  I'm attending if it takes place, mostly cuz Boe's in charge of putting the whole shebang together.  Well, I don't have anything in my costume closet (yes, I have a costume closet) that dates after 1600 with the exception of a quickie chemise a la reine.  Not gonna cut it for something steampunk-y. 

I did a bit of research and can't quite wrap my head around the general aethetics of steampunk.  I mean, all I'd wind up doing is slavishly copying someone else's brilliant idea and doing it rather poorly.  (Lookin' at you, [ profile] jenthompson ...your steampunk outfit is just about the coolest I've seen Out There in the ether.)  So yeah, I don't think I can pull off steampunk.  However, I CAN pull off Victorian.  Screw it, if'n I'm gonna be working at this projected ball (because believe me, Boe's a great "big picture" guy, but I'm the "nitpicky details" half), I'm going to dress as I wish.  Straight up natural-form Victorian it is. 

For those on my flist who have done late Victorian costuming, what's your take on Truly Victorian patterns?  I'd like to use the Dinner Bodice (TV 422) with the Fantail Skirt (TV 225) in electric blue silk taffeta, with pleated navy blue velveteen sleeve cuffs and skirt hem trim.  A small amount of metallic gold trim stitched in the ditch of the pleating.  Navy blue velveteen covered buttons on the bodice.  Late Victorian Corset (TV 110) and Combination Underwear (TV 105) to go underneath it all.

Tell me what you think, flist!  This is my first foray into something that ISN't medieval or Renaissance, and I am TERRIFIED, OMG. 

If the steampunk masquerade ball thing doesn't happen, then I'll still have a perfectly good outfit to wear to, say, Costume Con or Costume College.


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