Sep. 21st, 2011 07:14 pm
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I have achieved a kirtle.

I'll be darned.

The side-lacing bodice closes completely at the bust but has about 4 total inches of room to close at the waist.  *sigh* This is what happens when one's bust is NOT proportionate to one's weight in general.  (Let me put it this way:  My weight is close to 250, and my bra size is a 44 B.  Yes, B.   I gained over 100 pounds as a result of medication and my cup size did not shift at all.  Quite disappointing, really.)   Anyway, the boning I was concerned about at the bodice's center front is necessary, it turns out -- it provides a nice line and keeps the bust from drooping into a wrinkled mess (the linen stretched a good deal more than I had expected so the pieces turned out to be a bit too big...if it stretches any further, I'll have to take a dart in from the side of the armsceye where my arms and/or overgown cover the seams).  So it all worked out.

The skirt is still obviously splotchy, but hey, it's a kirtle and the overwhelming majority of it will be covered by the overgown, so whatevs.

Now onto the overgown.  I need to dig through my stash to see what's available, although I already found a rather nice rust-colored linen that might work.  If I can find a smaller piece of linen in a color that isn't totally hideous with the rust and the slate blue, that'll be what I use to line the skirt.
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All righty, folks, last night after my mini-breakdown, Boe and I dragged one of my fabric bins from the Tornado Room to begin the cataloging and photographing process to bring pretty fabrics to YOU!

Please note that my cell phone camera is the only one I have, and there's some weird lighting effect towards the center of each photo.  This means the best color saturation is at the edges of the fabric.  Dunno why, I don't get it either.  I'mma see what I can do about setting up a PayPal account to make payment easier on folks. 

All prices are negotiable to an extent.  All prices include shipping by USPS Parcel Post.  Comments are screened to keep negotiations confidential.

ALLERGY SUFFERERS:  I share my home with 3 cats and a dog. 

Here we go! )
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Boe passed his Praxis II. This means as soon as his semester student teaching ends, he'll have his Official Indiana Teacher's License. Thank God.

This means October 1 is R-Day. Resume Day. In which we (I include myself on this because Boe really is rather helpless/hopeless when writing coherent and grammatically-correct letters of introduction) apply to every single teaching posting in the 35 other states that have instant!reciprocity with Indiana teaching licenses. Yes, this will take all day. No, I don't care.

My sister and niece are traveling to Columbus OH to pick up Mom's old car (a 2004 Toyota Corolla -- Mom bought a new one that she's already promised me when she gets tired of it!), so I am traveling to Mom's on Saturday. I need to bring some rose of Sharon cuttings and Mel's camping gear. Sunday is dedicated to Pre Move Purging. I'm going to be putting a lot of stuff on Craigslist in the hopes of acquiring more $$$. I will also offer about 3/4 of my fabric and craft stash for sale -- lucky friends list, you'll get first pick! This may include my SuperAwesome 100% wool damask and/or my PrettyShiny 100% silk brocade. I've faced the fact that I will never stop being too afraid to cut into these fabrics and I would love to see then get a new home where they will get some use.

I get my student loan excess funding September 13. This is good because our license plates expire September 14. I double-checked the amount of my refund, and had sadly overestimated the amount I'd be getting back. So, no fabric purchases for me. Or X-chairs from Smoke and Fire. Or tablecloths from Historic Enterprises. This makes me sad. But I am in Survival Financial mode, and frankly keeping a roof over my head and the lights/heat on trumps ANYTHING else.

Other than that, I picked up some sort of intestinal bug on Saturday, and things are just now settling down. That was...unpleasant, and I hope that I don't wind up going through *that* experience again any time soon -- never would be preferred.
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 OK, flist, I am in need of wool.  Lots of wool.  Where do you get yours, flist?
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I cut up an old ill-fitting linen shirt and will get 2 partlets and 2 wired veils from it. Yay for thrifty creativity!

(The sleeves reached my knees and the body of the shirt didn't. Bummer.)

Also, WTF? Where did spring go?
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Cross posted from my duchy's Yahoo Group:

As many of you are aware, in order to adopt a child, our house needs to be in
tiptop shape. However, between my work schedule, adoption classes, CPR
training, fingerprinting, and having physicals done, this does not leave us a
lot of time for home improvements. While we have the bathroom, kitchen (thank
you Brient and Ysabel!), and living rooms done as they need to be, the real
sticking point is...

The Tornado Room(tm).

This is the infamous front parlor that doubles as a black hole for all of our
Adrian stuff, craft supplies, and miscellanea.

It has lots of goodies, but they need to be excavated. Saturday, May 30, and
Sunday May 31, Sir Arthur and I are hosting a barter barbeque at our home from
11 AM until the cows come home. I hear cows tend to come home at 3 Am, for what
it's worth. If you wish to assist us in excavating the Tornado Room(tm), there
will be gifts. Everything that Sir Arthur and I underuse, no longer use, or
cannot find an immediate use for are up for grabs. This includes garb, jewelry
making supplies, wool roving, garb, fabric, UFOs (UnFinished Objects), garb, and
other goodies.

We will be cleaning out the Tornado Room(tm) and painting, so be prepared by
wearing something you don't mind ruining. We will also supply food, and a fire
around which to sit and relax in the evenings. Beverages suitable for all ages
will be supplied by us, and if you have adult beverages, it's BYOB (bring your
own booze).

Please RSVP here in the comments, or by sending an email to my alternate email
address at kpowell1066 AT yahoo DOT com.

For those on my flist who have no idea where I live,  it is Fort Wayne, IN.  I have one (count 'em, one) extra bedroom to use as crash space.  First come, first served.


Apr. 20th, 2009 01:52 pm
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I went to JoAnn's to pick up thread.

65.00 later, I came out with a bunch of their 50% off red tag clearance merchandise, including 100% linen and 100% silk for 2.00 per yard.

You know, Boe hates my fabric voices.  He's gonna feel like a tool when I explain that everything but the silk is for him.  :-)
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I put the linen in the washer and by the time it was done washing, I had cut out another 15th century kirtle.  In rose colored cotton flannel, so, no, not exactly period-accurate, but it's a good solid and durable fabric that i had laying around.  And it doesn't look too *off* -- flannel works well as a pretty decent visual approximation of woolens, I've found, so I might as well use it.  I timed myself and it took only 15 minutes to cut it out.  I also cut out an apron from the scraps.

The linen is in the dryer.  It sounds like our dyer is on its way out -- it's much louder than usual and isn't drying at its normal rate.  *sigh* There's another 400.00 for a new set (the washer is also going to die fairly soon).
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I was painting away and...Fagan is on top of the highest cabinets. I believe this means my fuzzy Lords and Masters(tm) approve.


And in other news, I am going to Hancock's today. Because I can.

Edited: well, Hancock's is not in the cards. My cough decided to become productive and I am off to urgent care to stave off incipient bronchitis. Woo.

Also, my linen from came in.
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I'm still wiped out from the event yesterday. However, I *did* manage to make it over to JoAnn's to pick up some lurvely fabric (thank you 50% off clearance prices). Managed to get about 8 yards of silk, a really nice red linen double-woven fabric, and several yards of really nice cottons that will soon become tunics for Boe.

Sleepy though.
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That's right, I'm going to get the gorgeous rose silk cut out and applied to the neckline of the Tudor kirtle.

I don't know why I am freaking out so badly about the kirtle, but I am and I just have to work through it. September's mostly over and the kirtle has to be done in time to make at least the French gown. (I can get away with my 15th century wool kirtle if I have to during the day.). I have next weekend off, and the kirtle is going to be done by *Sunday*, dammit. So I need to just knock the thing out and be done.

If I don't get a response on the wool by Sunday, I'll take some cash to JoAnn's and pick up black cotton velveteen to use as the French gown outer fabric. Silk would have been preferable, but Boe needs to take the Praxis and that's a couple hundred dollars...and I won't have to wait on shipping. I haaaaaaaate working with velvet because of all the fuzzies and the nap, but oh well -- maybe velveteen isn't as bad.

In other news, there isn't any. Same stuff, different day. Oh, except Boe tried out his new bow yesterday at the event, and he loves the way it shoots! He waxed ecstatic when he got home. :-)
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Boe and I went to the Johnny Appleseed festival first thing in the morning. We did a lot of looking around, and I was able to get in my annual petting of alpacas they have there. Looooooove me some alpaca fiber, I do, but instead of splurging on myself, I surprised Boe with a new handmade step bow of hickory and red oak. He had fallen in love with it, and while he was discussing archery with the bowyer, I sneaked off and paid for the lovely thing. Boe was pleasantly shocked. :-)

I love surprising him like that. His face just shone when he was trying the bow out, and I knew he would love it. And he does, so it's all good.

Now I am off to nap.

The wool is still up for grabs, folks! I'll wait for a response until a week from Sunday.
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I have scads of wool suiting but no silk or velvet.

Guess what I need for the Henrican French Gown?

So, if anybody wants to swap some delish wool for silk or cotton velvet/een, let me know.

Here are the wools I am willing to swap (pick 2 of 3):

8 yds navy blue worsted, 60" wide

7 yds taupe worsted, 60" wide

10 yds black worsted, 60" wide

I need at minimum 10 yards of 45" wide or 8 yards 60" wide fabric.

Damask, taffeta, shot silks, anything 1520s appropriate will work. Preferred colors: black, brown, navy blue, dark gray, burgundy.

I'll pay for my shipping, you pay for yours. I have three cats, so I can keep the allergens to a minimum, but not be rid of them completely.
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So...after showering, I went to the newly-relocated Hancock Fabrics store.

You can all hate me.

I managed to come home with 7 yards of 100% wool for less than $20. It's a gruesome shade of taupe that currently looks disgusting, but I conveniently have several packets of cold water dye.

There were also several bolts of wool and wool blends on the 50% off rack, but I'm waiting until it gets transferred to the 75% off rack. Hee.


Aug. 30th, 2008 08:33 pm
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Baer Fabrics has gone out of business!!!!


I told Boe that I need a kitten to get over the trauma, but he's disinclined to acquiesce to my request.

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Yes I did!

Well, after we paid down all our bills to a $0, that took more of our newfound wealth cash than I thought it would, but it feels nice to not worry about major utilities being disconnected.

So I got $100 mad money to play around with and here's what I got:

6 1/2 yards of light sage silk brocade with figures of cream and gold (all they had on the bolt, appropriate for 18th century) -- $4/yd
10 yards dark gold silk taffeta (printed design on one side, but the print does not show through to the wrong side of the fabric) -- $2/yd

Thank you, Hobby Lobby. Yes, you can hate me now.  I don't go to Hobby Lobby terribly often, but I seem to find the most outrageous deals there.  I mean, 2 bucks a yard for silk taffeta?! (A few of you may remember back in 2006? 2007? when I scored 6 yards of silk brocade in burgundy appropriate for 16th century at $6/yd -- yep, Hobby Lobby again.)

It must be said that costuming with high-end materials (Ok, I grew up very lower-middle-class, so anything that isn't 100% cotton or a poly blend = high-end. And I don't spend more than $7/yd for ANYTHING.) on the cheap requires some creativity. I managed to score turquoise silk dupioni with minimal slubs for $3/yd once -- the right side of the fabric was flocked with this horrible '60s Op-Art pattern and apparently, no one could see past the pattern or look to see what the wrong side of the fabric looked like. I used the wrong side to make my silk bliaut.  I found 100% wool damask at a garage sale and got all 6 yards for $10. Found linen tablecloths at the Salvation Army for $2 each. Scoped out and burn tested numerous bolt-ends of clearance mystery fabric at Hancock's...and managed to score several wools and wool blends that way for a couple bucks a yard. Combed through the entire clearance section at JoAnn's to find 100% wool on sale for $3/yd. Granted, it was a truly disgusting hot pink, but $5 worth of dye later and I had a very nice plum color. Am willing to compromise authenticity by buying wool blends with 3% Lycra in it for $4/yd when 100% wool would have been $15/yd. Looked through the corduroy section for the waleless stuff when it's on sale for $3/yd instead of paying $11/yd for cotton velvet.

Come to think of it, I don't buy cotton anymore unless it is velvet(een) or waleless corduroy...

I also got 3 new tops from Wal-Mart, but they are regular clothes and therefore not terribly interesting.

Next paycheck -- new glasses and I am finally getting contacts! Oh, and the cats are getting at least 1 Littermaid. And there is this really lovely dark-rose silk at JoAnn's that I have my eye on...
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I went to JoAnn's today. Did I mention that the current store is closing, as they're putting in a Super JoAnn's about four blocks away? Yeah. Everything in the store is at least 40% off. Oh darn. Wow, watch my arm twist, I guess I'll have to get more fabric. /sarcasm
cut for largish picture )
This is what I came home with: 10 yards of black cotton velveteen ($4/yd), 1 1/2 yards of the orange/yellow shot silk for beguine lining ($6/yd), and 8 yards of luscious 100% tropical-weight charcoal wool ($2.75/yd)

I'm prewashing the wool right now. I don't know what it's going to be yet, but the fabric voices told me I had to get it. So, I got it. (And if I can manage to get back to JoAnn's when I get paid again, I think I'll clear out their linens...)

ETA: I should perhaps explain that this was the result of pointing out to Boe that he spent far more at this convention than I *ever* did at the fabric stores, and would like the opportunity to prove it. Hee hee.


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