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I have missed my sister.  <3

Lennie has gotten much talller...that kid now reaches my shoulder (I'm 5'6") at the age of eight.  o.O

We (myself, my sister, and my brother-in-law) have been crazy busy at Mom's.  In the past 24 hours, we have managed to:
  • Remove Mom's old dishwasher
  • Install Mom's new dishwasher
  • Paint and stain Mom's deck
  • Kill off multiple wasp nests
  • Cut down a largish lilac bush
  • Cut down a medium-sized ash tree (deceased tree courtesy of the emerald ash borer)
  • Mulch Mom's front yard landscaping.

I am pooped.
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My sister and her family are on their way north...I am so excited about being able to see them all!

I still have the urge to sew but no one has touched the Tornado Room although I have asked...In retrospect, I probably should have had my sister get a couple of N95 (ultra-super-HEPA particulate-proof) masks from her workplace so I could just go ahead and do it myself. Maybe those would be effective against whatever I'm allergic to in the dust there.

In other news, our garden yield is going to be low, but adequate for our household. We've been behind getting everything into the ground in a timely fashion...and Boe managed to mow down my new lilac, raspberry, and blackberry bushes. He says he "didn't notice" them. Yeah, I don't know how one "doesn't notice" knee-high plants either, especially when the grass is only ankle-height. And he wonders why I want him on ADD/ADHD medication.

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Jun. 4th, 2012 11:10 am
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My sister Melanie is driving up to Ohio from Florida next weekend, and I have it arranged to be able to spend all day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday with her!  She's up to drop Awesome!Niece off with Grandma Buckeye, and will spend several weeks with my dad and Bitz as well.  I may have to kidnap Awesome!Niece and take her to the zoo/go swimming/who the hell knows with her for a bit. 


Busy day

Dec. 14th, 2011 12:15 pm
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Today I have a doctor's appointment (plus vaccinations, oh I can hardly wait! /sarcasm), more of the spiced pecans and almonds to do up, and napkins to make so that Boe can ship my sister's family Christmas presents tomorrow.  Then at 7 tonight, Boe and I are going to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception for a free chamber-orchestra Christmas concert.  I'm petty stoked about that, as I rarely get to hear live classical and/or Christmas music these days.
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Here's the game plan for Christmas On The Cheap(tm):

Each of the families (Dad and Bitz, Mom, Melanie et al., and Brett et al.) is going to get a little basket of household goodies, consisting of:

1. Set of 6 napkins, folded and displayed with...
2. Wire-wrapped and beaded napkin rings
3.  Set of 4 knitted cotton dishcloths
4.  Set of 3 knitted and felted woolen hot pads/trivets
5.  Packages of German roasted pecans and almonds
6.  Homemade dog biscuits for the families with dogs
7.  Catnip-filled fleece toys for the families with cats

The whole shebang should cost me less than $50.  For 4 families, that's pretty damned good. 

I also have a scarf knitted in seed stitch for Mom (her favorite stitch), a pair of really cute earrings for Lennie (the super awesome niece of amazingness), a cross-stitch of a cat that looks just like her cat Mittens for Lennie, and a pair of earrings for Melanie.

I was able to score Melanie's earrings for free through Swagbucks , the yarn for Mom's scarf was a gift, and I can use my employee discount for everything else except for the wool yarn I need for the hot pads. That I'll have to get from Michael's or Joann's, although Michael's will be easier for me as far as convenience goes. 

Our girl Melmel (who just got her first tattoo this week!) is getting a new phone, courtesy of a contract extension that we'll be signing.  I'm also going to go through my collection of romance novels and send some to her, as she has recently become a fan and by God I am glad she's getting over her Twilight obsession.

And now for the only Christmas splurge this year -- I have a Garmin GPS on layaway for Boe...shhhhh, don't tell him!


Feb. 27th, 2011 10:20 pm
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I miss my sister.
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My next completely off day is Thursday, the 17th. In looking at my calendar, the last time I was off of both work and school was Sunday, February 6. Life, as they say, is a box of chocolates...but in my case I seem to have acquired the mixed-nuts variety.

Let me see. Since I last posted, I have had about $8000 slip through my fingers, what with getting Boe a car, insurance, catching up on the utilities and mortgage, sending some money to my mom for safekeeping, paying for CNA classes, and getting new (much-needed!) glasses.

My sole splurge has been purchasing this and this.  They should be the last patterns I'll ever need to buy for SCA/Adria stuff.  So it was a worthwhile investment rather than a momentary pleasure.  I've been reading the instructions and the documentation and dreaming in my few off-hours, and I am really kind of hoping that this is my niche.

Boe's teacher's license will be in within a week.  My sister's giving me leads to jobs for Boe in Tampa Florida, where she lives.  My sister is lonely down there, she can be very shy and the only family down there are her in-laws.  So it would be pretty cool indeed if we wound up moving to Florida. 

Boe did not get the job in Vermont, or so we're assuming since we never heard back from that school.

Time for math class, gotta go.


Aug. 10th, 2010 09:27 pm
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 Chatting with my sister on Facebook.  She is awesome.  I <3 her.


Dec. 27th, 2009 07:55 pm
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My brother is now a married man! Brett looked wonderful, Faye was radiant, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

I am exhausted from trying to make sure my Mom, Dad, and stepmom Bitz all got equal amounts of time with us. Lemme tell ya, LJ, divorce is brutal when it comes to trying to make sure no parent is slighted or gets pissed off. I think my sister and I succeeded in ensuring parental happiness. Poor Melanie, my sister, is recovering from strep throat, but she hung in there like a champ. My SuperAwesomeAdorable Niece, Elena, was a delightful flower girl and did exactly what she was supposed to do -- scattered flower petals, sat down and didn't fidget during the ceremony, and danced the recption away. Oh, and caught the bouquet. :-)

Mel enjoyed herself too -- after a couple glasses of wine, she danced with Boe, my Dad, several of my uncles, my Mom, my Grandma, and Elena. She also very graciously allowed us to take her photo without sighing or trying to hide her face.

Boe looked yummy and very handsome in his suit. We had a lot of fun dancing, but I made sure he danced with Mom whenever Brett or Dad was dancing with Bitz. Mom's relatives were quite impressed with Boe for that. Hey, the woman buys us a new washer and dryer, I think we're gonna make sure that she isn't miserable, you know what I mean?

Most of all, Brett and Faye are so much in could tell any time they looked at each other that they were the happiest couple on earth.

I am tipsy and looking forward to a shower. Mel has her own hotel room and so it's just Boe and I tonight, which is awfully nice.

*is pleased*

Lieutenant and Mrs. Kirby, I like that.
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I was off work last night, and my neice was in town, so my stepmom invited me over to spend some time.  It was awesome.  (Aunty Krista also gave Elena her first pair of real ballet shoes...she wore them all day!)  I had a lot of fun, but I hadn't been to bed yet that day, so I went home.  I remember tucking a pillow behind my neck as I sat on the couch...

Boe shook me awake at some point and told me to go to bed.  So I did.  And when he got up this morning and was walking out of the bedroom, I opened my eyes and told him that I love him.  And he just looked at me and closed the door.

I am slightly paranoid about this sort of behavior.  After the temper tantrum he threw a couple of weeks ago about how I never spend time with him (because I'm visiting my family WTF?!), I am really tired of it.  So I don't look forward to what this evening's pre-work discussion turns into.

The only other thing I could think of is that he thought I was going to do a shitload of housecleaning while he was gone. Erm, no.  He's the one who dirtied the dishes,. therefore, he gets to clean them.  I did three or four loads of laundry and that may not have been enough to make a difference in Boe's world.

Edited, 4:12 pm EDT:  I talked with Boe on the phone and everything's good.  Boe gave me this face O_o over the phone and sounded very confused when I brought it up.  He said, "I came back in [to our room] about 5 minutes later and kissed you and told you that I love you.  Did you forget that?"

Well, yes, I guess I did.  I may have been in that half-asleep state where I can still hold a conversation but not really be conscious.  So it looks like I overreacted this morning. *facepalm*


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