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Our darling daughter Melmel is going to move back in with us immediately after she graduates in early May. Life with her grandmother has pretty much reached a boiling point, so the sooner she's out of that situation, the better her mental health will be. I'm beginning to wonder if she is developing depression, so the sooner she is up here where I can be proactive about getting her help if needed, the better. It was awfully nice to hear Melmel go from despair in her voice to somewhat more hopeful. I might not have given birth to her, but she's my kid too, and I want her to be happy.

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Here's the game plan for Christmas On The Cheap(tm):

Each of the families (Dad and Bitz, Mom, Melanie et al., and Brett et al.) is going to get a little basket of household goodies, consisting of:

1. Set of 6 napkins, folded and displayed with...
2. Wire-wrapped and beaded napkin rings
3.  Set of 4 knitted cotton dishcloths
4.  Set of 3 knitted and felted woolen hot pads/trivets
5.  Packages of German roasted pecans and almonds
6.  Homemade dog biscuits for the families with dogs
7.  Catnip-filled fleece toys for the families with cats

The whole shebang should cost me less than $50.  For 4 families, that's pretty damned good. 

I also have a scarf knitted in seed stitch for Mom (her favorite stitch), a pair of really cute earrings for Lennie (the super awesome niece of amazingness), a cross-stitch of a cat that looks just like her cat Mittens for Lennie, and a pair of earrings for Melanie.

I was able to score Melanie's earrings for free through Swagbucks , the yarn for Mom's scarf was a gift, and I can use my employee discount for everything else except for the wool yarn I need for the hot pads. That I'll have to get from Michael's or Joann's, although Michael's will be easier for me as far as convenience goes. 

Our girl Melmel (who just got her first tattoo this week!) is getting a new phone, courtesy of a contract extension that we'll be signing.  I'm also going to go through my collection of romance novels and send some to her, as she has recently become a fan and by God I am glad she's getting over her Twilight obsession.

And now for the only Christmas splurge this year -- I have a Garmin GPS on layaway for Boe...shhhhh, don't tell him!
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Boe got his first paycheck. That was lovely! I even dropped a hundred bucks on groceries to stock up instead of making do with the goods from Mom's latest Cook-a-thon and very little else.

I made a peach pie for Boe in order to celebrate. :-)

On the work front, Boe has recieved calls from school in Lancaster, Virginia, and Pinedale, Wyoming. (I'd prefer Virginia -- Pennsic's only 8 hours away, after all -- but Wyoming starts their teachers out at about $11,000 more.)

My lovely, smart daughter Mel's 22nd birthday is today. She is doing really well in school and will graduate in the summer of 2012 -- sooner than I will!

In costuming news, there is no costuming news. I can't seem to manage any creative stuff while I'm quietly freaking out about our financial situation and am frustrated out the wazoo.

Princess just came thumping down the stairs with a feather duster larger than she is in her mouth. I am totally charmed.

My stepmom is having a booze-laced hen party this evening, so I am going over a bit early to help with hors d'ouevres and whatnot. I also made a cake for the occasion, as they have never seen the work I can do and I kind of wanted to show that off just a little bit. It's chocolate cake with cream cheese icing...yummy!

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I started work on Thursday, and I finally have a day off today.  I'm a cake decorator now, and can ice cakes with the non-dairy whipped stuff with the best of 'em (which might be saying something about the quality of cake decorators that WM hires, but whatevs).   Buttercream icing is the bane of my existence.  Oh, and crumbs.

They have borked my schedule already, so I had to skip a couple of classes.  I am not thrilled at this development; I will be speaking to a member of management tomorrow Am to get this cleared up. 

Let me see, in other news, Mel flew out from Fort Wayne to Orlando Sunday; she will be living with her grandmother there while she tries to get work at Disney or one of the other amusement parks.  She's already looking into getting her driver's license, so if she can keep up this level of self-motivation, she'll be fine.

And on other news, the water pump on the car died today.  *sigh*  At least I'm working now, right?


Jan. 27th, 2010 05:20 pm
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So, we have 4 days left with Mel, counting today.  I got Boe home early from work instead of driving out to pick him up at 8 at night, because he wanted to spend as much time with Mel as possible.

As soon as I got Boe home, Mel announced that my folks had called and she was spending the night with them.  They're picking her up at six and dropping her off sometime tomorrow afternoon.


I love my parents, I really do, but come on! 

In other news, I start work tomorrow.


Jan. 25th, 2010 12:18 pm
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We took Mel to the circus on Friday -- she had a lot of fun!  This was her first circus experience -- her mom never took Mel to the circus because of the mental association with Boe.  Mel wants an elephant now, lol.

She has decided to move back to Florida, in the hopes of getting a job working for one of the amusement parks in and around Orlando.  I wish her all the best, although I am disappointed that she hasn't chosen to stay with us longer.  However, Boe and I are supporting her decision 100%, even thought it isn't the choice that we would prefer that she make.  Ah well, we've let her know that our door is always open, so we're doing what we can.

 Mel leaves Sunday afternoon, so she has just under a week with us left.  :-/


Dec. 27th, 2009 07:55 pm
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My brother is now a married man! Brett looked wonderful, Faye was radiant, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

I am exhausted from trying to make sure my Mom, Dad, and stepmom Bitz all got equal amounts of time with us. Lemme tell ya, LJ, divorce is brutal when it comes to trying to make sure no parent is slighted or gets pissed off. I think my sister and I succeeded in ensuring parental happiness. Poor Melanie, my sister, is recovering from strep throat, but she hung in there like a champ. My SuperAwesomeAdorable Niece, Elena, was a delightful flower girl and did exactly what she was supposed to do -- scattered flower petals, sat down and didn't fidget during the ceremony, and danced the recption away. Oh, and caught the bouquet. :-)

Mel enjoyed herself too -- after a couple glasses of wine, she danced with Boe, my Dad, several of my uncles, my Mom, my Grandma, and Elena. She also very graciously allowed us to take her photo without sighing or trying to hide her face.

Boe looked yummy and very handsome in his suit. We had a lot of fun dancing, but I made sure he danced with Mom whenever Brett or Dad was dancing with Bitz. Mom's relatives were quite impressed with Boe for that. Hey, the woman buys us a new washer and dryer, I think we're gonna make sure that she isn't miserable, you know what I mean?

Most of all, Brett and Faye are so much in could tell any time they looked at each other that they were the happiest couple on earth.

I am tipsy and looking forward to a shower. Mel has her own hotel room and so it's just Boe and I tonight, which is awfully nice.

*is pleased*

Lieutenant and Mrs. Kirby, I like that.


Aug. 28th, 2009 12:00 pm
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Still waiting for the Financial aid office to verify my FAFSA/tax return.  *sigh* 

In other news, I need to visit my Mom tomorrow -- she had surgery to replace the 2nd knuckles of her index and middle fingers on her right hand due to arthritis.  Due to the recovery, she has been having difficulty getting some cleaning done.  I'll take Mel to meet her too, so they can sit and get to know each other while I work.

Speaking of work, I applied for my substitute teacher's license about 2 weeks ago, so that should be coming in shortly.  that means that I'll start to get calls to sub at various elementary schools MWF.  Whew.

I'm off to Ohio today to finish my camp bed.  All I have to do is cut the slats to fit, and I'll be done in time for War!  Yay for not sleeping on the ground!  Mel will be staying in the cabins with Lydia and others. 

As soon as my financial aid comes in, we're catching up on our bills.  That will be rather nice, not juggling disconnection notices every two weeks.  I also need new jeans.  And some comfy shoes.  And a haircut.  I'm still trying to figure out what sort fo style would look good on my chubby fat face and maybe disguise the second chin a bit.
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The past week and a half has been...ok, I guess.  Busy.  From the time that I get up until I pick Boe up from work, I am in the car.  Mel needed to get a new Social Security card, State ID, change her mailing address, open a new bank account, look for work, get a bus pass, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I?  Have needed to look for work and register for classes.  I completed the registration for classes at IPFW, I crammed all 4 classes into a Tuesday and Thursday schedule.  Today, I announced I was taking a day for myself and I am registering with East Allen County Schools, region 8 Schools, and Imagine Academy to work as a substitute teacher on MWF.  This means that I was fingerprinted, had an expanded criminal history background check done, showed my CPR and First Aid certifications, and am currently printing out my resume and references.  Whee.

Well, if I want to get over to Columbia City in time to register with Region 8 and pick Boe up from work, I'd better get moving.
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Mel got a phone call today, a scant half hour prior to leaving for the airport.  It turns out that the leasing agent had told her the wrong lease end date.  The correct one?  August 7.  Yes, 2 days ago August 7.

So Boe is traveling with David (may his name be forever blessed!) to Florida to pick up Mel's stuff and move our daughter up to Indiana permanently...2 months early.  I am delighted, shocked, stressed, and a heebie-jeebie mess.  I also have to drive to Auburn Hills, MI tonight to make sure I'm at work orientation tomorrow at 8 Am sharp. 

Holy crap, Universe, one thing at a time please!
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At 5 PM today, we have to send Mel back to Florida.  Boe, Mel, and I have been crying our eyes out for the past half hour.

I don't want to let her go.  I want to keep her here.  Boe's heart is breaking, they are staying up all night tonight and cuddling on the couch, watching movies and talking.  I have to go to bed to get some sleep, since I'm driving.

It's not fair.
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Mel fell asleep yesterday with her head in my lap as I stroked her hair.

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Well, we have Mel with us for the week.  It was nerve-wracking, waiting at the airport for her flight to come in, nerve-wracking driving through Chicago, and nerve-wracking driving back from Chicago.

What wasn't nerve-wracking is Mel herself.  She and Boe have such similar personalities that it has been easy for me to fall in love with this girl.  I'm so glad I get to be part of her life!  She's sweet and smart and funny, and I am blessed indeed.

Bristol was wonderful -- tiring, but wonderful!  Brian and Lisa are a couple of my favorite people to begin with, and I had an absolute blast with them.  Mel started the day off in one of my shift-and-kirtle combos, but purchased a Pendragon bodice and skirt, and looked so smashing in it that she wore it the rest of the day.  She also had her face painted, hair braided, and henna work done.  All three of us talked and laughed the entire way home.  She has some issues to work out, but a lot of that will come over time in a non-judgmental environment...Mel believes that she does not deserve anything good in her life, and since I have lived my own life struggling with that attitude as well, I believe that I will be able to help her begin to mute that little voice inside her head.  It's weird to feel this maternal about a 20 year old, but she's comfortable with it, so I'll go with it too. 

My heart is so full right now I can hardly stand it.

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Boe needed my help in getting the Tornado Room painted and cleaned before Mel's visit, and it has become clear to me that there is NO WAY I could get an Elizabethan jacket, stomacher, and petticoat finished in time for Bristol.

So I knocked out a variation on a Shinrone Gown for myself today.  Total time from draft to finished product:  10 hours.  To be honest, I tweaked some things that are a bit out of my league, like the darts throughout the bodice, and the specific type of pleating in the skirt...and the collar (I completely forgot the collar, to be honest), raised the neckline a bit since the girls need to be reined in (I don't want to go without support in public), and made the whole thing out of some really spiffy linen.  But it has the hanging sleeves and that's close enough, right?



*more crickets*

Oh well.

Anyhoo, tomorrow I knock out a leine for myself and try to get a Kilcommon jacket done as well for Boe.  Then Friday consists of laundry, packing, Mapquesting directions to the airport, campsite, and Bristol, ensuring that Paul will actually show the hell up to take care of Maggie while we're gone, straightening up Mel's room and ensuring her bed has adequate bedlinens, cleaning the cat boxes, and making sure that the cats have adequate gooshyfood stores.
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Good Lord, has it *really* been two weeks since I updated this thing? O.o

The rundown:

Mel is coming up to Indiana next Saturday. I am nervous, excited, and stressed, all in one hot mess.  We're taking her to the Bristol Renaissance Faire (she's never been to a faire at all, and it'll be our first time at Bristol specifically), and since she's close to me in size, I figure she can dress up in my Flemish Take Two.  Since that's what I had planned to wear before her visit was arranged, I am making myself an Elizabethan waistcoat/jacket like the Layton jacket in natural colored linen jacquard lined in pink/coral shot silk, with a pleated skirt of slate blue velvet and a stomacher of dark blue/light blue/orange (which picks up the coral color of the silk quite nicely) brocade, all worn over an olive green petticoat bodies seen here and a small roll.

We are painting the Tornado Room today. Or, rather, Boe is since I'll be working on the living room and bathroom.

It only took 2 months after purchasing the house than we developed a water leak in the seam between the tub drain (we have a clawfoot tub) and the outflow grey water pipe. :-/ I hope that Boe can get it fixed without calling a plumber.

I start my new job as soon as my background check comes back from the company. The difficulty is that the company that my new employers contract to do the background checks is taking FOREVER, so my new supervisor is planning to get me in and do my orientation herself instead of sending me to Auburn Hills, MI (a 4-5 hour drive from Ft. Wayne). I will be grateful to be back at work ASAP.

Boe finally got his tax refund. We got our living room furniture out of layaway (finally!) with some of the proceeds.  Here is a link to our new sofa.  We also have the matching loveseat.  It's awfully nice to stretch out of a sofa instead of curling up in a loveseat to watch TV. 

My brother in law is being laid off at his place of employment...3 months after he, my sister, and Awesome Niece of Cuteness moved down to FL.  Argh!

Boe is now working on his master's degree in special education.  He eventually would like to earn his doctorate.  He has already been told that if he earns his doctorate in special education, he will have a job at the university where he is earning his master's...his salary will also go up considerably.  I'm cool with that.

I have to enroll in classes sometime the first 2 weeks of August.
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Been working on cleaning the house. Blessedly, we now have a bedroom -- 2, in fact! -- in which one can see the floor. Go us.

Still no word yet on future employment. I'm not worried, oddly enough. Things will happen as they are meant to, and not a moment before. I am slowly catching up on some reading...working where I was working previously, my schedule consisted of work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep. Yes, I know that's normal for most Americans, but it's soul-killing.

Mel's room is coming along...I have been enjoying myself repairing the cracks in the plaster. Who'd have thought that I was actually decent at plasterwork? Not yours truly, that's for sure. I'm thinking of starting off with a cream-colored base, sponge-painted over the cream with dark red...trim work in dark red with silver stenciling. The nice thing about owning this house is that we no longer have to worry about landlord-approved colors.

Since losing my job, Boe and I have a nice little routine we are settling into. Get up at 8, clean a particular room of the house, eat lunch, get on the web/play on the Playstation, walk the dog at Swinney Park, do laundry, eat supper, and then talk to Mel until midnight. Incredibly, the dark purple circles under my eyes have vanished. I have had those damned things for...6 years now? I feel like a human being again!
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I would like to announce that Boe is on the phone with his daughter Melody right now. They have been talking for 3 hours or so.

This is the first time they have spoken with each other in 18 years.

I was able to talk to Melody too. She is a bright, articulate young lady that loves to read, loves to talk, and called me Mom.

I've never been someone's mom before.

'Scuse me while I cry a little bit, m'kay?

ETA: It's 1 AM...that makes 5 hours. :-D
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I am in contact with Boe's daughter. She's on Facebook.

(Now why the frick didn't I think of that the first time around?)

I am not sure that I have blinked in the past half hour. In the past 8 years that Boe and I have been together, we have tried looking for her, trying to locate her.


I'll be damned.


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