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Thursday, I had to run Boe up to South Bend for his clown convention. Yay or something. Sat at home, had popcorn for dinner, watched Apocalypto (nice cinematography, stunningly predictable plot), walked the dog.  Friday, I got up, went to the bank, got my account straightened out, picked up a new phone for Boe, went to WalMart for the remaining weekend supplies (hair dye, stockings, a ribbon and fake rose for my hair), then went home and promptly procrastinated tacking down the bodice lining and sewing the buttonholes.  *sigh*

I called [ profile] rvqavalon , who is made of complete awesome, chatted for a bit, and finally finished the damn dress already.  At 12:35 AM.  I really need to stop that.

Saturday, I got up, ensured the cats had adequate gooshyfoods for the weekend, and drove to Lansing.  I checked in at a Motel 6 (they're the cheapest, and I was on a reeeeeeeeeeeally tight budget), got a "Bwuh?" look from the front desk clerk when I asked if an iron and ironing board might be available, and was told that whatever needed to be ironed could simply be chucked into a dryer in their laundry facilities.  Silk dress in a dryer? Lololololololololololololol-no.  Damped my gown in the sink, hung it up to drip dry, and dyed my hair.  It turns out that i had forgotten my chemise, so it was just as well that I had a bodiced petticoat to wear under my corset.

Now, my corset is one of the long jobbies with a wooden busk at center front.  All I had to use to lace it shut was a pair of sneaker laces.  Rather *short* sneaker laces.  So I was in the middle of wriggling into the blasted thing when my phone rings.  *sigh*  I couldn't move my arms and the corset was enveloping my head at the can imagine how convenient it was to get a phone call in the middle of this.  It was, unsurprisingly, Boe.  Yes, his sense of timing is always just that good.

So he and I had a conversation while I put the rest of my stuff on, and...holy cow.  Everything looked right.  The hair, the makeup (cuz I'm not going to a giant party without at least some powder and mascara, yo), the dress, the gloves...everything.

I was incredibly nervous when I pulled up to the church where the ball was held.  Had several minutes of, "Okay, I got here...that's good enough, isn't it?  I should probably leave.  I'll just be awkward anyway."  But I managed to get my ass out of the car and into the ball.  The ball was AMAZING.  The hall, the refreshments, the music and musicians, the caller...damn, it was all just wonderful!

[ profile] rvqavalon , [ profile] lachwen , Julie-sans-LJ, and [ profile] dandytailor  were   all very fun and welcoming!  I was disappointed that [ profile] renzys_frenzy 's husband wasn't feeling well and therefore they didn't come, but I'm certain I'll see them again at some point.  After the ball, there were pictures to be taken, then we trooped over to the home of [ profile] dandytailor 's parents, who are very gracious.  After some post-event chatter, I was exhausted and made my way back to Ye Olde Motel 6.  Sunday, I packed up and went home (Boe finagled a ride from one of the other attendees at his clown convention).
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Because I'm typing this on a phone's keyboard, I'll be brief: everything was wonderful! Details to come soon, probably tomorrow.
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Phone ate my post...grrrr! Anyhoo, the Regency frock is amost done. I just have to tack the bodice lining down and sew the buttonholes. No matter what I do, I still look like a walrus in the frock, so please don't point and laugh when you see photos, ok? My wrap, shoes, stockings, hair stuff, gloves, and fan are all ready to go. Finally, before go to bed, I'll have a chance to color my hair too!
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My bank account was frozen, the phones have been shut off cuz we're late on them, we're 1 month behind on our mortgage, Boe *still* doesn't have his license back (the original suspension was 90's been nearly a year...the holdup is because Boe didn't have car insurance when he was pulled over and the BMV says "That's an extra $525, plz") the IRS is delaying our refund for some reason, and I don't have my gown done for this weekend.

Which I really can't afford to go to anyway. I mean, i have the ticket, the supplies, and everything's justifying the trip expenses like gas and a motel.

But isn't it amazing that Boe is going to a clown convention this weekend?

I swear to god, if he wasn't going to be teaching at this convention (they're covering his room and board), he wouldn't be going at all.


Mar. 15th, 2010 08:16 pm
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Just thought of this after wrestling into my nearly-complete Regency corset: how on earth am I going to lace myself into this thing? And do up the buttons on my gown?

BTW, the girls look *fabulous* 9n the corset! :-D


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