Jun. 6th, 2012

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My sister and her family are on their way north...I am so excited about being able to see them all!

I still have the urge to sew but no one has touched the Tornado Room although I have asked...In retrospect, I probably should have had my sister get a couple of N95 (ultra-super-HEPA particulate-proof) masks from her workplace so I could just go ahead and do it myself. Maybe those would be effective against whatever I'm allergic to in the dust there.

In other news, our garden yield is going to be low, but adequate for our household. We've been behind getting everything into the ground in a timely fashion...and Boe managed to mow down my new lilac, raspberry, and blackberry bushes. He says he "didn't notice" them. Yeah, I don't know how one "doesn't notice" knee-high plants either, especially when the grass is only ankle-height. And he wonders why I want him on ADD/ADHD medication.

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Teeny tiny pretty pretty Princess is stealthily tracking -- and killing -- flies in the house. She's so adorable.

I just wish she didn't eat the flies after she's batted them out of the air. >.< Ick!

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