Jul. 6th, 2012 06:57 pm
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Of all the times for the Sewing Muse to strike!  I am holed up in my bedroom with 2 dogs (one of which keeps farting...looking at you, Daisy) and 2 cats (Pretty Pretty Princess is keeping cool by laying in the bathtub).  Handsewing aggravates my carpal tunnel these days, and all of my sewing stuff is downstairs -- in the part of the house without air conditioning.



Jul. 5th, 2012 11:43 pm
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I checked the weather forecast for the next couple of days and nearly fell over.

Al Gore?  You can have your freaking global warming back; we don't want it.

Okay, game plan is to hole up in my bedroom all day with the critters, since three of the five are elderly.  Any panting, heat exhaustion type symptoms and they go into a cool shower with me.

Voila, my plans for the weekend.

Note to self:  The next house will have central air.  This is ridiculous. 
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I have finally hit the end of my rope with Random Gamer know, Mr. Shits-his-pants?

So within the past three weeks, he has left the toilet seat and lid up -- and a fecal suprise dissolving in the toilet bowl -- eight times.  Keep in mind, we only have the one bathroom.  Also keep in mind, I have three cats and a dog...a dog that likes to drink out of the toilet if the seat and lid are up.  A couple of the cats are also interested in drinking from the World's Biggest Drinking Fountain, given the chance.  The first couple of times, I reminded Random Gamer Guy that hey, the pets will drink out of the toilet bowl, so put the seat and lid down; while I'm at it, flush, willya? 

I guess because I have ovaries, Random Gamer Guy decided not to take me seriously...until my husband managed to baptize his own ass with filthy water during a 2 AM why-bother-turning-the-light-on-I-have-lived-in-this-house-ten-years-I-can-manage-to-use-the-bathroom-just-fine-in-the-dark trip.  Boe sat down, got his butt soaking wet, and turned on the light to mop up the water he splashed all over the floor.  That's when he discovered Random Gamer Guy had taken a crap, left the seat and lid up, and not bothered to flush. So Boe had a chat with Random Gamer Guy, gave him what-for,  and pointed out that RGG will make our pets sick if he continued the bathroom passive-aggressiveness.  

It's happened six times since, and tonight was the final straw.  In addition to the toilet shenanigans, Random Gamer Guy has not paid his rent.

I am so evicting him.  In my municipality, I am supposed to give him 10 days.  That' all I am willing to give him.  My critters are my babies and he is endangering their health.  Dude's gotta go.

I must say, I felt a certain dark pleasure when writing out the notice to vacate the premises.  We'll see how everything goes.
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When I got off of work today, every WM in town was out of air conditioners, the same was true for Meijer's, Lowe's, Home Depot, Menard's, Target, Big Lots, and Dollar General (not like I really expected DG to have air conditioners, but I was desperate).

Boe found one -- count 'em, one -- air conditioning unit (and stood guard over it) at our local Do It Best hardware store, where I promptly dispatched myself and my debit card. It seems the unit had been on hold for someone for 5 days, but was never picked up.  As an added bonus, the manager took an extra forty bucks off of the retail price since it was a discontinued model.  Score!

When Boe had called me to report success on The Quest For Air Conditioning, I was stepping out of a tepid shower with three very angry cats joining me in the bathroom.  See, all three of the cats were panting and had rapid breathing when I came home, which are signs of heat exhaustion.  So I was a bad Mommy for their own good and took one cat at a time into the tepid shower with me, 15 minutes per cat.  Now, you might think that this isa recipe for Disembowelment By Cat Claws, but one thing that I've learned about cats is that they have an innate sense of fairness.  That's why my arms get turned into mincemeat when I try to bathe them, but they don't claw me when I have them in the shower with me, even though there is substantially more flesh to tear into when doing so.  Sure, they struggled a bit, but nothing involving claws or teeth.  I think they think that if they have to get wet, it is only Right and Proper that I get soaked too.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure we managed to buy the last available air conditioner in a three county area.  We've moved the animals into the bedroom, complete with litter box, food, and water, and our bedroom is finally beginning to cool down.  I might actually get to sleep tonight.
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I have been busy. Crazy busy. A lot of the busy comes from transferring schools and work, the other comes from, well, this:

Meet Princess -- she's about 6 weeks old, and was found nearly dead on the side of a highway by some Good Samaritans 2 weeks ago.  She was skeletal and covered in fleas when they picked her up.  They got rid of the fleas and fostered her, but the female Good Samaritan developed pretty severe allergies to her and so they  found her a home with us.  She is SO TINY, omg.  Bear in mind, I haven't worked with a kitten this young since Odin came into our lives, so close to 10 years.  Odin is now about 15 pounds and Frank is close to 20 pounds, so it's quite surprising how small Princess is in comparison.  She is already very much Boe's cat -- she follows him from room to room, sleeps in his armpit (often moving to his pillow next to his face in the middle of the night), and generally wants to spend her time hanging around him.  It's awesome -- I had hoped for this since Fagan was a daddy's boy and Boe lost his special buddy when Fagan passed away.  She is going to have amber eyes when they finish changing colors, and she is mostly white with tabby splotches and tail.  Princess is also living up to her name -- she is tiny but fierce!  She hisses and growls at the boys when they come a bit too close, but that distance is shrinking day by day.  She gets along well with Maggie, as her foster family has 4 dogs.  Last night, Princess discovered Maggie's tail makes an *excellent* play toy, and Maggie has shown no aggression, simply playfulness.  Princess eats like a preteen boy (put her bowl down in front of her, wait 30 seconds, then fill it up again), but she's growing ridiculously quickly and putting weight on nicely.  It's funny to watch her tummy expand as she snarfs down her crunchies and her wet food...afterwards, she usually gives a large burp and waddles off to the litter box.  Here, have another picture:

Yes, the scale is accurate:  Princess is the size of one of Boe's hands. 
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I am at work, on my lunch break.

At 7, I get off of work, go home, walk Maggie, wake Boe up, and unwrap gifties.

By 10 Am, I will be in bed. At 7 PM I'll get up and spend some time with Boe until I go to work again at 10.

I hate this job.

In other news, here's what I got Boe for Christmas:
A bottle of Driven cologne
The Kung-Fu Panda 2 DVD set
A pocket watch
A fleece blanket I made myself
A hoodie with The Punisher logo all over it
and a bike.

It doesn't look like much, but they're all things I know he'll love. I try to make him at least 1 gift at Christmas, and I try to give him one *big* item and several smaller ones. And although he and I agreed that we're not getting each other clothing for Christmas, the Punisher hoodie is something he's petted every time we go to WalMart lately, so this'll be something he forgives me for. :-)

Maggie is getting bacon treats and a new rope bone, and the boys are getting toy mice and some catnip, in addition to an extra can of gooshyfood.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Stay safe and sane throughout the festivities!


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