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2 more full-grown dogs, a puppy, and 4 kittens (the felines were in loving memory of Fagan).

13 dogs total, and 4 kittens. 

Not a bad month's work.


Oct. 25th, 2012 10:44 pm
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Our Maggie has been a Powell for 4 years now.  She's maybe 6 at the oldest, no more than that.  So imagine my shock when I was going through early photos of our girl and it struck me how much her face has grayed (or as my sister calls it, "gone platinum").  Almost all of Margaret's muzzle is salt-and-pepper (heavy on the salt) now.  It made me very sad to realize that our goofy puppygirl is getting older faster than I thought.

Then Miss Crazypants jumped in my lap and gave me a wet willy.



Oct. 25th, 2012 07:06 pm
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I just ordered our niece's birthday gifts...I like this whole "discretionary income" thing.  She's turning 9 this year.  NINE!  Jeez, I remember when she was just a tiny baby!

(I got her a DIY "Personalize your own messenger bag" thing and a "Make your own chocolate" kit.  I figured they might appeal to a very girly and craft-y proto-nerd.  Yep, she takes after her aunt in that respect. :-P )
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Pharmacology won.  At least tonight.

I will kick its ass tomorrow. 
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Got a 93% on my latest pharmacology class.  Rumor has it (and by that I mean my instructor -- who is totally awesome -- has warned us) that these two early ones were the easy tests and the rest of them will kick some serious ass.  Good to know.  Making drug cards is a tedious, carpal-tunnel-inducing chore.  Making Excel spreadsheets for the same use as drug cards is also a tedious, carpal-tunnel-inducing chore.  But I figure one way or another, I will remember what I'm reading and writing if I put it in a couple of different formats.  In addition, I am gratefully accepting the pharm tutoring that the school makes mandatory for those who have previously failed pharm...first-timers are encouraged to go to tutoring, but it's not mandatory.  And I refuse to be one of those who fails the class.


Oct. 9th, 2012 03:48 pm
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I am tired, and it is only going to get worse the longer the quarter goes on.  However, I managed to ace my first pharmacology test, so that's something.

The "e" key is coming loose from my keyboard.  Hrmph. Must get that fixed.
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Last night I let the girls outside to potty; they've been really good about staying in our (admittedly unfenced) yard and so I thought in my idiocy that I could trust them off leash as long as I stayed in the back yard with them.  Well, they both decided to take different directions.  I managed to corral Maggie and get her inside, then spent the next 2 hours chasing Daisy all over the neighborhood.  She'd let me get within 5 feet or so then take off again.  I lost sight of her at dark.  When Boe came home, we went out looking again.  No dice.

We are heartbroken. )


Sep. 29th, 2012 10:22 am
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We just picked up Boe's truck!

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I am in a slump.  Not a big one, just enough that I spent most of today asleep in lieu of doing laundry.  I want to sew, but can't quite bring myself to do so. Most irritating.
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I took Odin to the V-E-T today for a checkup now that he's been on thyroid treatment for...uh...however long he's been on thyroid treatment.  He's gained 3 pounds and his fur is starting to fill back out.  The bad news is that we cannot afford to keep feeding Odin the Science Diet y/d thyroid diet that my little dude's been on -- the stuff is $25 for a 4 (!) pound bag, and I found Frank eating it a few days ago, so that partly explains why the supply has been getting low pretty quickly.

The good news is that the thyroid medication the vet though would run about $70 a month?  Is actually $22.83 a month.  And the tablets are chewable, so it's more a of a treat and less of a "burrito the cat and pray that I can find the stupid tablet when he spits it out" sort of ordeal.

So yay!  Odin is doing better, and getting fatter, and we'll be going to the cheaper (and more effective) thyroid treatment for our boy!

(Odin was pretty pleased with this vet visit too -- no thermometer in the butt!)
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Well, this time anyway.


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Things were starting to look up and they were considering discharging my beloved, and voila, more chest pain radiating into the neck and left arm.  Huzzah.  He'll be here at least 1 more day.  :-/
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Of the Chinese curse variety.

Sunday the power went out at work, so we were pressed into removing all of the perishable goods from the grocery section and placing them in bins which were loaded onto refrigerator and freezer trucks.  Whee.  Imagine working in pitch black, no air conditioning, hauling around pallets of stuff and trying not to run over anyone's toes while navigating with the use of a very dim flashlight.  Can you say OSHA violations?  I knew you could.

Today, we went to the zoo.  I got to pet a behbeh donkeh (only 3 days old!) and had most of my fun petting/feeding/being chewed on by the dwarf Nubian goats at the petting zoo.  Boe, bless him, recognizes that I am insane for the goats and so we make it a point to hit the petting zoo part both at the beginning of the zoo visit and at the end.  Himself gets bored to tears but he puts up with me making a fuss over the goats and giggling like an idiot.
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Boe got his first paycheck today.

My mom came by the house after I got off of work today and helped me set up electronic bill payment.

The mortgage is going to be paid automatically, every single month.  I am never going to have to worry about forgetting it ever again.


(We also picked up replacement underwear and socks.  It is amazing how much one's day can be made by being able to buy necessary clothing.  I haven't had a new pair of underwear in a couple of years.  Boe was even worse off.  Every single pair was worn nearly to rags.)
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I might need to see a doctor if this doesn't clear up by the weekend. 

Right ear and right side of my throat...feels like the tonsil on that side is enlarged liek whoa, but it's not swollen any larger than my left tonsil, and the right-sided tonsil is still very painful, unlike the left in which there's a residual ache but nothing awful.  Right ear still feels full and is achy as all get out.  Left ear is not nearly as painful.  So chances are good that whatever I have has kind of taken up housekeeping on the right side and I'll need some antibiotics to clear it up.  Or something.  Yay.

I want/need to get better in order to see my cousin's newborn behbehs...I refuse to visit while I'm not 100%.

Speaking of behbehs, I am driving myself bonkers looking into IVF and other ART (assisted reproductive technology) information.  Stupid baby rabies.
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My favorite cousin and her husband will be having their twins (boy/girl) either tomorrow or Thursday!

(Come on, immune sysem, kick the last of this crap so  I can visit!)
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My right ear is still painful, and my throat still has some issues, but overall I am beginning to feel more like a human being.  This is good.

In other news, Odin has been eating his special thyroid diet without too many problems, but I still want to get him on medication as a proactive measure.  Here's hoping that it works out.


Aug. 24th, 2012 09:47 pm
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Brain made of equal parts mucus and mush.  Ears in paaaaaaaaain.  Doping myself and going to bed.


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