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Cross posted from my duchy's Yahoo Group:

As many of you are aware, in order to adopt a child, our house needs to be in
tiptop shape. However, between my work schedule, adoption classes, CPR
training, fingerprinting, and having physicals done, this does not leave us a
lot of time for home improvements. While we have the bathroom, kitchen (thank
you Brient and Ysabel!), and living rooms done as they need to be, the real
sticking point is...

The Tornado Room(tm).

This is the infamous front parlor that doubles as a black hole for all of our
Adrian stuff, craft supplies, and miscellanea.

It has lots of goodies, but they need to be excavated. Saturday, May 30, and
Sunday May 31, Sir Arthur and I are hosting a barter barbeque at our home from
11 AM until the cows come home. I hear cows tend to come home at 3 Am, for what
it's worth. If you wish to assist us in excavating the Tornado Room(tm), there
will be gifts. Everything that Sir Arthur and I underuse, no longer use, or
cannot find an immediate use for are up for grabs. This includes garb, jewelry
making supplies, wool roving, garb, fabric, UFOs (UnFinished Objects), garb, and
other goodies.

We will be cleaning out the Tornado Room(tm) and painting, so be prepared by
wearing something you don't mind ruining. We will also supply food, and a fire
around which to sit and relax in the evenings. Beverages suitable for all ages
will be supplied by us, and if you have adult beverages, it's BYOB (bring your
own booze).

Please RSVP here in the comments, or by sending an email to my alternate email
address at kpowell1066 AT yahoo DOT com.

For those on my flist who have no idea where I live,  it is Fort Wayne, IN.  I have one (count 'em, one) extra bedroom to use as crash space.  First come, first served.


May. 2nd, 2009 08:41 pm
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Merciful sunshine!

I got to play with woodworking tools today.  The camp bed is about 50% done.
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Today is the monthly Adrian event, and Boe and I are at home.

He's exhausted from the first week of school, and my throat is scratchy and I think my body's trying to fight off an illness of some sort.

Lydia (kitaratuma on LJ) stopped by yesterday to take me up on my offer of UFOs...there were quite a few things that I had forgotten about, and others that *almost* worked but didn't. So they're all hers, good linen and wool (some of the wool is a bit moth-eaten, but there's enough good fabric in botched sleeves and whatnot to patch the small holes) and I could tell the story of each piece. I have *missed* Lydia !

So the UFOs are gone and the dress dummy is here! I'm pretty excited to have it at exactly the right time to get the kirtle neckline set the way I want it to be. Now I need to think of a name for the aforementioned dress dummy. Lady Jane (Grey) is taken, Marie (Antoinette) is too obvious, as is Anne (Boleyn) and Catherine (Howard)...perhaps Princesse (de Lamballe)? Any other ideas would be great!
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Once upon a time about 4 years ago, I made an attempt at a Tudor day gown. I dug the pieces out of the Tornado Room and tried to make sense of it again.

I think the concepts I had at the time are still pretty solid, but my understanding of construction techniques...not so much. I have enough of the gown plus a tiny bit extra to tear the bodice apart and piece it together again with a sturdy interlining of canvas. The sleeves are still good, as are the velvet cuffs.

I think the skirt hem needs to be taken down and a velvet guard added to the bottom to give the appropriate length. The skirt fullness is a little skimpy, but considering I don't have any more of the original wool (and it was a length I dyed myself, so a color match would be impossible anyway), I'll just have to make do.

This little project will save me a bit of money and that's always a good thing. It'll help get rid of a UFO too.
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I have some unfinished sewing projects that are contributing towards the huge mess in the Tornado Room.

I need to make room in order to get the Coronation outfits done, and so, I'll make y'all a deal: you want any unfinished sewing projects, they're yours, on one condition...

That you finish the project(s) you get from me.

So there you are. I am off next weekend, so if you want any of my UFOs, come get'em next Saturday! Just drop me a note here to let me know you're coming.


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