Jun. 4th, 2012 11:10 am
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My sister Melanie is driving up to Ohio from Florida next weekend, and I have it arranged to be able to spend all day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday with her!  She's up to drop Awesome!Niece off with Grandma Buckeye, and will spend several weeks with my dad and Bitz as well.  I may have to kidnap Awesome!Niece and take her to the zoo/go swimming/who the hell knows with her for a bit. 

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Mental to-do list:

Make sure Boe mows the lawn
Clean litter boxes
Deep-clean living room
Type depression paper

Moar laundry
Clean out closet
Take closet leavings to Goodwill

Clean bathroom
Moar laundry

Work on garden
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Saturday was a little rough for me emotionally.  I had to get a refund on Boe's layaway gifts because we just can't afford them.  Unfortunately, one is only able to get a refund on one's layaway at the store at which one put the item aside for layaway.  So I had to get a refund at "my" store where they know me.  It was embarrassing on quite a few levels.  And then to boot, because I wasn't able to put much money on the layaway in the first place and because there is a $10 fee to cancel the layaway, I only got $10.25 back.   I came home feeling an awful lot like George Bailey about midway through It's a Wonderful Life.  That kicked-dog feeling. 

Sunday was a little better.  On a suggestion from a gardener on my f-list, I read up on lasagna gardening.  Well, yesterday I dragged Boe out of the house and back to my store, where we got a car-trunk-full of cardboard boxes and expired newspapers.  Today I am making a run to Starbucks and asking for their spent coffee grounds to spread on my garden-to-be.  We have fall's leaves on top of the cardboard  on a 15' x 20' area up against our backyard's levee wall; this will eventually be our garden.  Last year the weeds and random-seeded plants grew out of control, and our dickbag neighbors called neighborhood code enforcement as their first line of action instead of coming over and talking to us.  We got it mowed down, well, kind of, but we'd rather not deal with those neighbors again.  So the garden will help with that.  Sure, it might not be the prettiest thing ever, but it's something the city can't ding us for, it will be a food source for us, and frankly, I plan to can our extras in my spare time this summer in order to give some away as Christmas gifts.  I have sweet corn, popcorn, tomatoes, hot peppers, watermelon, and cucumbers planned; if I have room I'd like to add some sunflowers and some lavender (sunflowers for the birdies, lavender for me).  I might need to make an additional plot for those.  I can get compost for free through Allen County Solid Waste Management (fees only apply to folks dropping off compostable materials).

My aunt has repeatedly told me that I can have as many lilac starts as I want, and Bitz has offered me her volunteer roses of sharon.  I figure if we plant alternating lilacs and roses of sharon in the direction of the dickbag neighbors, it will grow to become a living hedge.  Between the free composting materials, free plant starts, seeds I already have on hand, and stuff acquired through Freecycle and Craigslist, this year's landscaping should run me less than $20 total.

Dang.  If this turns out to be a success, once we're financially stable we might need to purchase a pickup truck, lol.
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...so today Boe and I cleaned the downstairs of the house and got started on the gifties we're giving each family for my mom's extended familial Christmas party tomorrow.  I tweaked the pecans recipe by increasing the white sugar to 3/4 cup and added 1/4 cup of brown sugar.  I also doubled the cinnamon.

Good God these are amazing.

I can hardly wait to see how the almonds turn out!  <3 <3 <3


Oct. 16th, 2011 06:22 pm
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Can I hit the lotto just so we can afford a live-in housekeeper?
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I have finally hit the end of my rope with Random Gamer Guy...you know, Mr. Shits-his-pants?

So within the past three weeks, he has left the toilet seat and lid up -- and a fecal suprise dissolving in the toilet bowl -- eight times.  Keep in mind, we only have the one bathroom.  Also keep in mind, I have three cats and a dog...a dog that likes to drink out of the toilet if the seat and lid are up.  A couple of the cats are also interested in drinking from the World's Biggest Drinking Fountain, given the chance.  The first couple of times, I reminded Random Gamer Guy that hey, the pets will drink out of the toilet bowl, so put the seat and lid down; while I'm at it, flush, willya? 

I guess because I have ovaries, Random Gamer Guy decided not to take me seriously...until my husband managed to baptize his own ass with filthy water during a 2 AM why-bother-turning-the-light-on-I-have-lived-in-this-house-ten-years-I-can-manage-to-use-the-bathroom-just-fine-in-the-dark trip.  Boe sat down, got his butt soaking wet, and turned on the light to mop up the water he splashed all over the floor.  That's when he discovered Random Gamer Guy had taken a crap, left the seat and lid up, and not bothered to flush. So Boe had a chat with Random Gamer Guy, gave him what-for,  and pointed out that RGG will make our pets sick if he continued the bathroom passive-aggressiveness.  

It's happened six times since, and tonight was the final straw.  In addition to the toilet shenanigans, Random Gamer Guy has not paid his rent.

I am so evicting him.  In my municipality, I am supposed to give him 10 days.  That' all I am willing to give him.  My critters are my babies and he is endangering their health.  Dude's gotta go.

I must say, I felt a certain dark pleasure when writing out the notice to vacate the premises.  We'll see how everything goes.
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Here's what I had planned to get done today:

Clean the bathroom (Yes, with RGG in the house I use medical-grade latex gloves, no worries, darlings!)

Get 5 loads of laundry done

Clean the bedroom

Here's what I actually accomplished:

Threw 1 load of clothes into the washer (in my defense, the cats had soaked some articles of clothing in that particular load, so I had to run it twice with a bunch of white vinegar to get the smell completely out)

Whined about not being able to go to Pennsic as usual this year

Figured out Pennsic tentage for NEXT year (it has crossed my mind that I am either the poster child for the adage "Hope springs eternal" or for the one that goes "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."  Not sure which one applies, I'll let y'all come to your own conclusions.)

Watched The Steve Wilkos Show -- OK, I admit it, I like the trainwreckiness of trash talk shows.

Aaaaaaaaand that's about it.


May. 21st, 2011 12:18 am
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Today was my first day off in a bit, so I took the opportunity to try out my sourdough starter. I had read that sourdough starters can take a lot longer to proof the dough than commercial yeasts, so it didn't surprise me when it took FOREVER to get to the fully-risen stage. I just punched it down and shaped the boule about half an hour ago, and I started the dough back at about 1 PM this afternoon! So we'll have fresh bread with breakfast tomorrow...I'll let you all know how it goes!

This is the website that I've been using as a guide into the world of sourdough breadmaking.

In other news, Boe has had a couple of phone calls from schools to set up phone interviews.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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I'm going to knock out some chocolate-dipped cocnut macaroons today, as well as some chocolate-dipped pretzels -- the pretzels were left over from making chex mix. It keeps me out of trouble, right?

We did a bunch of spring cleaning yesterday and my mom came by with some surprise petunias to plant alongside the side of our house. Boe got the lawn seed and fertilizer spread over our nuked-from-orbit lawn...I'm hoping that the seed takes root and grows fairly quickly.

I go back to work on Monday and I really don't wanna. Oh well.
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A couple of things:

I took the TEAS V test today...er, yesterday.  I did OK, but man, I am really rather weak on my chemistry knowledge.  So that brought my scores down, but the scores are high enough to qualify for any of the nursing programs around here.  In addition, my sister is mailing me her TEAS refresher book so if I want to retake it, I'll be better prepared.  I can take it twice in 2 years, and the higher score is the one the school will look at.

Oh, and speaking of chemistry  (although it might be better classified as biology),  I'm trying my hand at a sourdough yeast starter.  I'm on day 2 of my new "pet".  It came about as a result of wanting to make fresh yeast rolls for dinner a couple of nights ago.  I had a small chunk of extra dough left over, so I put it into a tupperware container and added  warm water, then swished it around for a bit, then loosely put the lid back on.  It smells half-yeasty, half-beerlike.  The longer I leave the starter out, the sharper the sour flavor will become as local yeasts will colonize in addition to the commercial yeast I used for the rolls.  I'm looking forward to eventually making some sourdough pretzels later on in the month.

Now that Boe's sub job is over,  we spent a day doing some major spring cleaning up to and including windows in the living room and kitchen.
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Random Gamer Guy came home and proceeded to announce that he needed to wash his only pair of jeans because he had, and I quote, "an accident."

I am SO bleaching out the washing machine before I wash my work clothes...I can almost guarantee the concept of using hot wash temps for that particular load (har) of clothes totally passed Random Gamer Guy by.

Now where's my gorram Clorox?
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Thursday was my last free day until at least Tuesday the 29th. I got precisely nothing done. Friday, on the other hand, was dedicated to helping cubsfan57 pack her and her husband Brian-sans-LJ's house for their move on Tuesday. Friday night we all went out to Mad Anthony's brewpub, where I discovered that there is, in fact, a beer out there that I will happily drink...their Raspberry Wheat Ale. Quite tasty! They spent the night with us Friday night.

Saturday, I got up rather early to head out on the road to Mom's house in Columbus, OH. The drive was lovely, and spending time with Mom is always nice. I did a metric buttload of cooking and made sure Mom wound up at least half of the stuff I cooked. Mom is not precisely a gourmand, to put it delicately. She will usually make herself a casserole and then eat from that for a solid week. Same with coffee...she'll make herself a single 12-cup pot on Monday, then drink from that every morning for a week. Yeah. So I wanted to make sure she had quite a few meals to provide some variety, because otherwise she will not do it for herself.

I spent a lot of time knitting and the rest of the time I spent making gifts for the Mom's family Christmas party...Mom's family Christmas party usually includes bingo, and I've been making beaded necklaces and bracelets as prizes. I'll also get some knitted washcloths and that sort of thing made for it too. I might not have much cash, but I'm decent with my hands, so my contribution will have more time spent than money.

The drive back this afternoon was pretty good. I'm glad to be home. Gotta go, Boe's mauling me...


Nov. 30th, 2010 05:06 pm
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Been trudging through life.  We're broke as hell, still, but I only have 2 more weeks of classes and that will be done for the semester.  Boe's getting his substitute's license back up to scratch so we have money coming in as soon as Christmas break is over and while he puts applications in with any educational facilities for which he qualifies.

We had a quiet Thanksgiving, and spent the rest of the long weekend cleaning out the Tornado Room and working on projects.  I am 3/4 done with Mom's Christmas gift, done with my Adrian gift exchange person's present, 1/2 done with a gift for a close cousin, and have not yet started my niece's Christmas gift (but hers can wait til I have most of the others out of the way).

Still here, still breathing.  Just doing what I can to deal, you know?


Nov. 16th, 2010 12:35 pm
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I can feel things start to go pear-shaped in my head, y'all, and I don't know how to avoid it.  This is not good.  Not with all the obligations I have, and with the knowledge that I don't have a single free weekend to just veg and get my head together until after the holidays.

Lemme see:

* I have 4 major sewing projects to get done before mid-December.  Do I have them started?  Of course not.

*  I have 1 psychology paper to write, and I won't know what I want to say until I sit down and do it.  Oh, and I sold my psych textbook to put gas in the van, so I'll have to borrow from a classmate to write the paper. 

*  Boe's temp job ended a couple of weeks earlier than planned, so that really screws with us.  At least we were able to pay the past due mortgage payments to keep a roof over our heads, so that's all right.  We also paid the water bill and have a payment arrangement set up with the electric company.  This just leaves the phones and the gas bill...and our phones were cut off yesterday, so I can't get in touch with anyone except via face-to-face and the computer -- when I'm at school.

*  I still want to sell off my stash, but without the phones, I can't take pictures and upload them to the internet.

* Because Boe was pulling 20 hour days, I was in charge of housekeeping.  I was keeping up with it all there for a while, but since things are starting to get a bit negative in my head, I haven't been able to get anything done...I just get home and sink into a stupor.

*  The brakes on the van are getting really frighteningly bad.  Grind grind grind grind grind. Oh, and the transmission is starting to go out, but in my mind that's not as critical as being able to stop when I need to.  At least it's just the front right brake, right?  Oh yes, and this *would* be the same van that we sunk $1000 into for brakes previously.  And the van won't be paid off til March.  Yeah, never buying from that place ever again.

So, yeah, that's what's going on in my little corner of the world.


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