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2 more full-grown dogs, a puppy, and 4 kittens (the felines were in loving memory of Fagan).

13 dogs total, and 4 kittens. 

Not a bad month's work.


Jul. 6th, 2012 06:57 pm
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Of all the times for the Sewing Muse to strike!  I am holed up in my bedroom with 2 dogs (one of which keeps farting...looking at you, Daisy) and 2 cats (Pretty Pretty Princess is keeping cool by laying in the bathtub).  Handsewing aggravates my carpal tunnel these days, and all of my sewing stuff is downstairs -- in the part of the house without air conditioning.



Jul. 5th, 2012 11:43 pm
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I checked the weather forecast for the next couple of days and nearly fell over.

Al Gore?  You can have your freaking global warming back; we don't want it.

Okay, game plan is to hole up in my bedroom all day with the critters, since three of the five are elderly.  Any panting, heat exhaustion type symptoms and they go into a cool shower with me.

Voila, my plans for the weekend.

Note to self:  The next house will have central air.  This is ridiculous. 
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Well, after I got out of class, Mel and I took the stray (who she has nicknamed "Sweetie", cause, well, she is) to our local animal care and control to be registered as a found dog and scanned for a microchip.

She does indeed have a microchip, and it turn out she was adopted from a suburb of Indianapolis, a good couple of hours away.  The Indy shelter gave me a call and is trying to arrange transportation for Daisy (as it turns out the stray is called) to be brought back to their shelter to be re-adopted out.  From reading between the lines, either they no longer had valid contact information for her owners, or they had contacted the owners and the owners had declined to take Daisy back.  One way or another, Daisy will be leaving our home sometime this week.  Which sucks on the one hand, because she really is wonderful and fits right into our household, but on the other hand, it is better for Daisy to get a new home with people who can afford to take care of her the way she deserves.

In other news, I had a doctor's appointment today, and there were quite a few bees industriously foraging in the lavender bush near the door.  I watched them for a good 20 minutes or so, and one investigated me thoroughly...quite fascinating!
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Well, Buddy-roo went home with his new parents today.  His new people are a very nice young couple in their mid to late 20's...they are thrilled with him and fell in love with Buddy at first sight.

We just can't afford 5 animals.  In all honesty, we can't afford 4, but I am not willing to rehome Maggie or Princess unless circumstances absolutely demand it.  Finding a new loving home for Buddy and fostering him in the meantime was the best possible thing we could have done for him, I just wish it didn't hurt Boe so badly in giving him up.

This sucks.
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Well, he's ours.  His original name is Neiko, according to his owner, who contacted me through Craigslist.  She even helpfully included a picture of the dog as proof that she is his owner.  The owner decided not to take Neiko back, stating that her health has declined recently and she can't give him the attention he needs. 

So he's ours.
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Well, you all know how Fagan came to live with us, right?

Well, now we have met the canine version.

He is also black and white, a lab mix, we think.  He is clearly someone's pet -- he is neutered and has lovely house manners.  He does have some issues with his hips, which is pretty common with labs.  We've put a "found" notice on Craigslist, but no one has responded as yet.  If no one claims him, we'll have to take him to the pound...Mom made me promise that we wouldn't take in any more pets until after I'm done with school.

And man oh man the cats are pissed at us.


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