Jul. 26th, 2012

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I've been window-shopping online to furnish whatever house we get after I'm done with school.  *sigh*

I'd kind of like to completely start over when we move.  Our current furnishings are hand me downs (which aren't our style but were free) or furniture so cheaply made that it's pretty much broken-down already (looking at you, dining room set and living room set).  I'd like to get furniture that reflects us, rather than my mom or various relatives or what we could afford via layaway at Big Lots.

One of then things that is definitely on the lsit of things to get is a robotic floor cleaner.  I am such a lazy person and we have 5 animals currently in the house...so it doesn't matter how many times I sweep, there are always hair "tumbleweeds" around.  And the floor always feels gritty.  We don't have carpet downstairs; vinyl in the kitchen -- which is starting to peel away in front of the kitchen sink, might I add, as a result of a rotting subfloor due to a plumbing leak the was never fixed -- and oak floors in the living room and front parlor/craft room.

More later, I think.


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